Trader Joe’s Wild Mushrooms and Black Truffle Flatbread With Mozzarella Reviews

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21 reviews for Trader Joe’s Wild Mushrooms and Black Truffle Flatbread With Mozzarella Reviews

  1. Yeferson

    My cousin works at our local Trader Joe’s and so for the past 2 Christmases I’ve goettn gift cards there! I definitely need to check these out because they sound SO yummy!

  2. Jennifer

    My favorite Trader Joe’s pizza! Five out of five all the way.

  3. Gelato Jill

    This thin crust pizza is packed with mushroom flavor in the form of mushrooms and truffle oil. It’s my favorite TJ’s pizza. Be careful not to overcook it -the thin crust burns fast.

  4. Nadal

    Love this so so much. It’s got the perfect anount of moisture/oil — it’s not dry. The truffe spread within is realy yummy. Crust may brown fast! But definitely a family favorite.

  5. Lucy V

    Plenty umami for the vegetarians out there (me). I love this flatbread and struggle sharing it with my partner. So more-ish. My favourite TJ pizza-esque offering.

  6. Katja

    This is way too salty, almost not edible for me..probably not made for European taste buds…

  7. Joe

    Way too salty. Not very much for the price. Overall pretty mushy texture.

  8. Ms. Sylvian Evans-Cooley

    Best Black Truffle Mushroom Flat Bread , ICHIBAN, #1, less than five dollars per unit, 20 Flat Breads for under a $100.00
    Have not found any superior truffle flat Bread, any where. Simply the Best

  9. Rosie Walsh

    I cut this in half and baked it. OMG, my taste buds were so happy. I told my daughter I’d saved the other half for her…………..but guess what ………..I ate it. And it was equally good the second time around.

  10. Serenity Guedel

    This is a pretty reliable, solid flavor bomb. Strongly favored and, yes, it can come off as salty. But no one is asking that you eat it every day. For an intermittent delight, this little flatbread is just right!

  11. Anonymous

    Didn’t like it at all.

  12. Andrea Fenwicm

    Amazing!!! The perfect pizza

  13. Joy T

    The best frozen pizza I have ever eaten!! Tried eating just half lol but couldn’t resist and ate the whole thing!!

  14. Michèle

    My husband and I just tried this for the first time and we both agree. It’s just… DELICIOUS! Will definitely purchase again!

  15. Anonymous

    Please be aware of this purchase. I actually got food poisoning a couple hours after eating this and I ate it the day I purchased it. It was one of the worst feelings I have ever experienced. I love Trader Joe’s but no longer will be buying this.

  16. Leigh

    Mine did not look anything like the photo on the box. There was hardly any cheese and a thin layer of a truffle spread. This thing is mostly bread. Flavored bread. No thanks.

  17. claire

    Not the best trader joe’s product. It was too salty and not enough truffle flavour and I would have liked mushroom chunks. Note I love trader joe’s too

  18. MC

    Okay, I am Italian and I know I can be difficult with food in this country.. But! Omg, such a BAD pizza?? I mean, is this pizza? Cause it is kind of offensive to call it pizza . First, the pizza looks not even closer to the box picture. Second, There is not one single mushroom. Just one salty mushroom cream – so salty that I feel I have more cellulite than ever after eating it. I ate it 4 hours ago and still drinking water. Third – It is much smaller than the box and I am surprise considering Traders joe is against wasting. Never have a more salty pizza in my life. I still have to digest it after 4 hours and for a such a small quantity. I will never buy it again. People, this thing is bad for your health!

  19. Koko

    Super yummy. This is more of an appetizer that you end up eating the whole thing. It’s very flavorful and light. It could use more cheese but makes up in flavor. Worth a try.

  20. Lisa

    Mushroom cheese flatbread was doughy and uneventful

  21. Dee

    Tried for first time today. Added additional shredded mozzarella and black olives, 10 minutes done perfectly. Baked on a slotted pizza pan and crust was a nice chewy, not hard

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