Trader Joe’s Wild King Salmon Jerky Reviews

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Made from wild salmon harvested from Alaskan waters.

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2 reviews for Trader Joe’s Wild King Salmon Jerky Reviews

  1. Felix

    Hello Trader Joe’s, I loved your Wild Salmon Jerky so much that it was a regular must-bye-item whenever I went to TJ’s. I introduced the product to my friends and they all fell in love with salmon jerky and after we did a few reviews on other brand salmon jerky, we all agreed that TJ’s is the best one for a wonderful price. However, we are all dissatisfied with the updated Wild King Salmon Jerky. The taste is too salty and does not have the same chewy texture as the previous version used to have. Therefore, my friends and I are hunting for a substitute for our favorite snack at the moment. Is there a chance the older version of Wild Salmon Jerky might come back on the shelves?

  2. Harry Nelson

    TJ’s definitely did update the Wild Salmon Jerky, which seems to be hit-or-miss depending on the type of jerky you like. I actually like the new one better — easier to eat, but if you like your jerky “extra-chewy” I could see how the newer one would be a bit disappointing.

    I buy the new one more regularly, though — also doesn’t smell as gross/fish-like as the old one, to me.

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