Trader Joe’s Vitamin C Firming Body Butter Reviews

(29 customer reviews)

Featuring a bright clementine scent. Made with glycolid acid.

29 reviews for Trader Joe’s Vitamin C Firming Body Butter Reviews

  1. Dana Ashley

    Smells amazing , super thick, made my skin look amazing!!

  2. nellie

    I think this product may just be amazing….I’ve only been using for a week on bingo wings, upper thighs. I’m going to buy a couple more tubes just incase they stop stocking it in any of my local TJ stores. You know…the way they sometimes do even if something IS a 5!

  3. Anonymous

    Not familiar with skin creams, so I didn’t notice a difference. Has a funky citrus scent.

  4. Leslie

    Nice bright citrus scent. Creamy and the glycolic acid is an added bonus. Liking it a lot.

  5. Tammi

    Wonderful and the price is great. It is quite thick.

  6. Lauren

    Perfection for the right price! I too am going to stock up.

  7. Kelly

    Just went up to my Trader Joe’s to buy however many of these they had left and they were already gone. I’m so sad!!! This is by far the best body butter or lotion I have ever used, and I’ve tried tons from drug store to luxury brands. My skin was flawless after using for two weeks and it smells so refreshing. Please bring this back!!!

  8. Cheryl O

    This really needs to be a regular item. I bought one tube to try and when I went back to get more it was gone. I was so very disappointed. This is a thick and creamy lotion that stays and makes your skin look and feel amazing. Please TJ bring this back and keep it.

  9. Julie

    My favorite product!

  10. Erin

    After one week, I noticed a difference. I couldn’t believe it and went back to buy 2 more bottles. Please make this a staple on the shelves! It’s amazing the difference!

  11. Audrey

    I tried for 1 week and was amazed at the results. I went back to get some more but they were all out. I hope they bring it back

  12. Bailey

    Hands down the best body lotion I have ever tried. Got 1 to try the day they came out (awesome!) went back the next day to purchase another bottle just in case! Now I see they don’t have them on the shelves anymore 🙁 I hope it comes back!!

  13. Outside Austin

    Love the scent and how it makes my skin feel! Went back to get another one, and it’s not where to be found. PLEASE continue to carry this!

  14. D Mc

    PLEASE bring this back TJs!! It’s cruel to tease us with this amazing product & then take it away :’( My skin has never felt better!

  15. Adair Scott

    please please please make this a regular product. it its the best! I have called every store and no one has more. please bring back permanently

  16. Tara Howes

    This is truly my favorite lotion I have used. Ever. I could see the difference in my legs, it felt so smooth and non greasy, and I became accustomed to smelling like a goddess. I was heartbroken when I searched the shelves today and realized it was gone. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring this back! *puppy dog eyes*

  17. Carolyn Croce

    I am so sad this is gone! Please bring it back.

  18. Anonymous

    Please bring this back!! it is amazing, totally takes away rough scaly skin!

  19. Loretta Johnson

    This body butter is amazing. I went today to by more for family members and they were out. Please please bring it back!!!!!

  20. Ricci

    Love it!!! I was told it would be added to the regular line and would be available. I only bought 2 and now every time I go it’s gone any ideas when it will be back?

  21. Connie

    My skin is amazingly soft and silky after using, it’s amazing and found out earlier today that they discontinued it ☹️

  22. Anne Vohl

    it seems like a good product but the tube is really awkward to use if you have a woman’s small hands. It is difficult to squeeze out the right amount. it dries quickly on the skin. particularly good for feet. it certainly does not “firm” my skin”. It acts as a lotion.

  23. Anonymous

    Would love if this came back to TJ. It is my favorite scent!

  24. Lady Jane

    Amazing we need more please

  25. Lima

    Great product! Is this a dupe of something else?

  26. Need that butter on my butt!

    This “Trader Joe’s Vitamin C Firming body butter made with glycolic acid and a bright clementine scent” is so good! I only got to buy 2 tubes before you removed it from the shelves several months ago! Will you be selling it again? PLEASE bring it back! I’ll buy 20 tubes right off the bat!

  27. Kay

    Actually amazing! Huge difference , my skin is so soft. Can’t find it on the shelves anymore – please bring it back .

  28. Alyssa

    a really really great scent that LASTS!!!

  29. Thank you Trader Joe’s

    This is back on the shelf at my local TJ’s and I’m so happy!!! I picked up three and the cashier told me she bought four herself. Truly the best moisturizer I’ve ever found. The price went up a bit (was $4.99, now $6.99) but it’s 100% worth every penny.

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