Trader Joe’s Pear/Coriander/Orange Body Butter Trio Reviews

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Sets of body butter with pear, coriander, and orange clove.

10 reviews for Trader Joe’s Pear/Coriander/Orange Body Butter Trio Reviews

  1. Sally

    I haven’t tried this but I did open the Pear scent to see what I thought. The smell made me put it back on the shelf. I’ve heard good things about their body butters but I can’t deal with overwhelming scents and this one was too much.

  2. Stewart J.

    Not a big fan of the pear scent, and the orange clove is a bit too strongly “clove”/bitter orange for me. I do surprisingly like the Coriander Cilantro scent, though.

  3. Tammy

    So I like the trio so much I bought a few. Admittedly regifting the PEAR sent. The CORIANDER is surprisingly beautiful and feminine and should be sold year-round. The ORANGE CLOVE is warm and sexy it truly is a gift to the senses. Both are exotic and luxurious. Almost out:-(

  4. Natalie

    I received this trio as a gift and I love them all. My favorite is the orange clove. Perfect for fall/winter, as it has a warm, sensual scent. The coriander is light and girly. The pear is a powerful mood lifter for me, it is fresh and crisp. These body butters have a nice heavy, silky feel to them but do not leave your skin greasy. It is a great gift. You could also gift them individually.

  5. Catherine

    Please start selling the coriander one solo and year-round. Wonderful and lingering delicate scent AND it’s great on and for my skin. Don’t live the pear. Orange Clive fine but I pine for coriander. Tons better than the TJ pomegranate body butter. This one’s a winner.



  7. Annette

    I love the Orange Clove. Would love to buy a large container.

  8. Jeanene Sharpe

    received a set for Christmas gift 2 years ago and loved the feel on my skin. fragrance is secondary for me. how do i review it? well… i ran out and bought more, then ran out and still buying more so you tell me.

  9. Nisa Deeves

    I’ve only tried the pear one so far, but I absolutely love it. I don’t want to ever be without it. It is light, yet so nourishing to my skin. The scent is downright heavenly.

  10. Linda Whaley Johnson

    I love the smell & consistency of this trio! Cannot find on Trader Joe’s shelf this year. Going to see if I can order.

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