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6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Japanese Style Fried Rice Reviews

  1. Sara f

    Doesn’t look anything like photo on package; I didn’t know tofu was in it (good selling point, for some), none of those long slivers of …stuff in package, and actually loaded with black specks of seaweed. THE MOST DROOLWORTHY frozen food discovery ever! Friend suggested heating up w a little butter, salt, garlic powder…WOW! She said that’s how everyone reacts to first bite of this. Going to TJ to buy up every available package because I told two dozen people about this, this weekend. Will be my new cup o soup during a busy week. I hear the other fried rices are not so good.

  2. kdk

    I HATED this. It had a strange texture and smelled like rancid catfood

  3. scott

    a rare miss. only been a few “i will never buy this again” moments in my 12 years of going to trader joe’s. there’s just something “off” about this stuff. just bland. i even dressed up with some onion powder and basil, and it still didn’t work. love their thai fried rice, though.

  4. Ttrockwood

    I am OBSESSED with this!! Crazy delicious blend of veggies and rice, the slivers of tofu are negligible. Definitely has the flavors of japanese food and soy sauce with the seaweed and veg.
    It’s always in my freezer! I like to add in more edamame and have it with a side veg or salad for a super fast delicious meal

  5. trillvia plath

    I’d wanted to try this but held off after reading your rating…that didn’t last long. At this price I could gamble, and I WON! It tastes so good. I was worried about the tofu but it’s barely there – it’s a little cloying/chunky on the fork but I might just use less EVOO next time and mix cooked rice and other veggies. Healthy and tastes authentically Japanese 🙂

  6. Barbara Lisk

    We love this! I combine it with stir fry veggies and diced chicken breasts for a family favorite meal. My husband and I fight over the leftovers. It is one we stock up on when we make the trip to Trader Joes 🙂

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