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47 reviews for Trader Joe’s Jumbo Raisin Medley Reviews

  1. sophia ha

    very good product, will buy again.

  2. Heather

    I eat them every day! Unfortunately my TJ’s doesn’t have them anymore. Are they no longer available?

  3. Cindy

    Are you going to carry these again? It’s my favorite product.

  4. Darlene

    I am also disappointed not to find these in your stores any more. Please bring them back!

  5. attilio

    Why stop a good product?

  6. Anne De Santis

    These far exceed what Sunmaid has on the market
    Why are you doing your patrons such a disservice by discontinuing this product??? Amazon is selling them for a ridiculous markup
    Come on Trader Joe’s do right by your Loyal customers and bring this product back

  7. Anonymous

    They are awesome but seems like Tj discontinued them!:(

  8. Allison

    One of the best products at TJs as nothing similar is on the market else where. Please bring back!!

  9. Anonymous

    BRING THEM BACK!!!!!!!!!

  10. Jeff

    I really miss them. Please bring them back.

  11. Courtney

    Not the raisins too!!!!!
    I dread the moment a beloved TJ’s product vanishes from the shelves. The jumbo raisin medley reigned supreme. Please do something to get them back.

  12. Mike D.

    Oh for cripes sake, would you stop discontinuing every product I love?
    Bring back the Jumbo Raisin Medley.
    Don’t use this as an excuse to raise the price.

  13. Carolyn

    Please bring them back! This is my favorite product in the store. I buy 2-3 bags when I shop so I have back-up of these juicy and tasty treats. Please bring back the raisins.

  14. Peter

    Come on TJs–bring these excellent raisins back! Also bring back dried white peaches and unsweetened pineapple rings.

  15. Rachel

    Please, god, bring these back.

  16. Pee-Chee

    Please bring these back! I was soo saddened to hear that they are discontinued. Why??? These have been a longtime favorite of mine.

  17. Mark Goldfarb

    The BEST! Please bring them back.

  18. Diane Robinson

    Bring these back …been buying then for years…I use then in a specific recipe …sorry to say but Trader Joe’s can be a big disappointment at times…always discontinuing things I like ..makways saying it’s a vendor issue …how can that always be the case with numerous products !! We need these raisins back…ease

  19. Yvette

    Wonderful. I really miss them. What’s up, Trader Joe’s?

  20. Karen Riccio

    Just used my last package. Wonderful raisins!.Probably food chain problem.Thankyou Globalists . When we take them down, raisins will be back!!!!

  21. Robin Jacobs

    Please bring thse back, they made incredible oatmeal raisin cookies!

  22. Kat Hug

    Please bring back the Jumbo Raisan Medley Trader Joe’s. The only other place we ever found such wonderful raisins was when we lived in the Middle East and went to the markets filled with delicious spices, fruits and nuts.

  23. Will Cooper

    Please bring back the jumbo raisin medley. They are truly delicious !!

  24. CK

    This was my favorite item at Trader Joe’s and was the main draw to return often. I hope they return to the line up.

  25. DAve Carlton

    LOVED these raisins would buy 2-3 bags every time I went to TJ. Got neighbors to love them too…..PLEASE bring them back!

  26. Peggy

    Please bring back those wonderful Jumbo Raisins. I use them to sweeten my oatmeal. Is it because of the horrible weather that these raisins aren’t available?????

  27. Craig

    You are breaking my heart, TJ – the dried stuffed pasta, the soy creamy ice creams, dark russet potato chips – and the wonderful jumbo raisin medley! What’s going on – why so many great products vanishing?

  28. Jon Shapse

    Why did you stop selling the wonderful jumbo raisin medley? These raisins are the best and one of my favorite products at TJs. Please bring them back.

  29. Jim G

    These were so, so good. The only raisins I ever ate. Please bring these back!

  30. Larry Bunnell

    The Jumbo Raisin Medley was the only reason I would go to Trader Joes. I thought they might just be temporarily out of stock. Of course I would buy other things while there, but since they no longer have them I have no reason to go to Trader Joes.

  31. Jonas

    Jumbo Raisins Medley are the ONLY raisins I ever liked. The typical little raisins (like those “golden” raisins they’re selling now) remind me of little bugs. I’ve started mostly using red seedless grapes instead, but they’re less convenient, and they’re often cheaper at the supermarket (when they’re on sale) than at TJoe’s.

    I’ve lost track of all the products I’ve loved at TJoe’s over the years that they killed.

  32. Donna

    Looks like TJ’s has stopped carrying another of my pantry staples. Absolutely the best raisins ever. PLEASE BRING THEM BACK.

  33. Peter Mainwald

    What is wrong with Trader Joes that they feel the absolute need to constantly discontinue products like this that we all love.. WTH is this BS? Whats the matter, are you bored? Need to justify your job? BRING THE DAMN RAISINS BACK. I AM NOT SHOPPING YOUR STORES UNTIL YOU DO. PERIOD.

  34. GNB

    Why does TJ so frequently stop carrying great products? Yet another super item disappears.

  35. B Caretto

    BAC. I Have To AGREE. These were the best raisins and I would buy 4 or 5 at a time! Come on Trader Joe’s Bring them BACK ……….

  36. Norma

    Love and miss these raisins!! They are sooo delicious and go great with everything – oatmeal, baked goods, just eating them plain. Please bring them back!!

  37. msf

    I love these raisins! Please bring them back!!

  38. Rachel

    Why would you stop carrying these??? Please bring them back!! They are a staple for me!!

  39. Courtney

    Begging you, TJs, BRING BACK THE JUMBO RAISINS!!! Best product in the entire store. Please don’t disappoint your fans or my kids! Bring back the raisins!!!

  40. Fran

    Very disappointed. Please bring them back.

  41. Kath

    OH NO! Just went to stock up on Jumbo Raisins, and THEY ARE NO MORE?!!! Please say it ain’t so! They were the draw for us, and we always wind up trying and buying many more items.

  42. Rebecca Beemer

    I need my jumbo raisins! This product is one of the primary reasons I go to Trader Joe’s

  43. Stephanie

    Please bring these back!! These are the BEST raisins on the market!!!!! Nuts and dried fruit are the main reason I go to Trader Joes!

  44. John Smith

    PLEASE bring back Jumbo Raisin Medley!!
    It’s one of my “must have” shopping items; but always draws me into one of your stores to make additional purchases!!

  45. Erin

    bring them back…bring them back…bring them back…bring them back…bring them back…bring them back…bring them back…bring them back…bring them back…bring them back…bring them back…

  46. Steve

    Have been missing these for years now. Nice to see so many people love them too. They disappeared during the pandemic and never came back. Why no response from TJs here?

  47. june H welz

    I absolutely love the Jumbo Raisin Medley..I use them in many things that I bake…..why were they discontinued? PLEASE PLEASE BRING THEM BACK

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