Trader Joe’s Brazil Nut Body Butter Reviews

(7 customer reviews)

Made with Acai and Guarana extracts, with a salted caramel/pistachio scent.

7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Brazil Nut Body Butter Reviews

  1. Bas.

    This stuff is great! It smells a lot like the Sol de Janeiro brand Braziliam Bum Bum body cream that it’s pretty clearly a knockoff of. It’s one tenth of the price, and seems to work really well. I love the texture, scent, and effectiveness of it. I hope they keep it around!

  2. Marie Napier

    This is “Ok” Agree, it is a lot like Bum Bum, barely a smell at all tho, so don’t buy it for that. For an almost “UNscented lotion” at least this Fall 2021 Batch, it’s pretty good. I like Coconut better. It has more scent too.

  3. Susan

    Can’t give it a review because I wasn’t able to buy it. My TJ’s received one case, and it was gone is less than a day. Same thing happened last year. Sure is disappointing that they can’t provide enough product for even a fraction of their customers!

  4. Leeann

    Smells amazing without being perfumey. Even my dog hangs around me more when I wear it lol. Very moisturizing without being super goopy or heavy on your skin. I have keratosis and it’s been helping a lot when I want to take a break from the ultra heavy creams I usually use.

  5. Valerie Owen

    I loved it! I bought the BumBum one at Sephora before but I prefer Trader Joes version. I am at the point where I am just buying all their “beauty” potions they are just as good as the originals and You can see what You are getting none of the phoney packaging.

  6. TSP

    The scent is almost an exact dupe of the Bum Bum cream, but better (in my opinion), as it’s a little “lighter” in the smell. The formulation moisturizes BETTER than the Bum Bum cream, but isn’t the most moisturizing product out there. Still better than buying the alternative.

  7. FKD

    It’s a decent cream at a fair price. It left my skin feeling okay, but looking kind of chalky. And, I grew tired of the scent – it was pleasant as a novelty, but after repeated use I found it to be too heavy and sweet – the scent reminded me of Physician’s Formula’s novelty fragrance, “Butter Paradise.”

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