Trader Joe’s Vegetable Pad Thai Reviews

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13 reviews for Trader Joe’s Vegetable Pad Thai Reviews

  1. Jennifer

    I’m sorry to say that this is the worst TJ product I’ve tried. Completely gummy and flavorless. I don’t know that you should even try freezing and reheating rice noodles to begin with, so if you have to go with a quick meal, go for the dried pad thai in a Chinese take out container that they sell.

  2. Julie

    I rather enjoyed this. Not perfect, but easy & more than edible. I’d buy again.

  3. Ken

    I agree with Jennifer. I wanted to buy the 2 minute non frozen pad thai but was told it was no longer available. Instead I was offered the frozen vegetable pad thai. It was awful.. Please bring back the older non frozen form with sauce.

  4. KWM

    Agree with above–I’m sorry to say this was not very good. Flavorless.

  5. Lisa P

    Well, OK, this is frozen ready made Pad Thai, so you gotta keep realistic expectations. There’s no meat in here, so I added some chicken and it just needs a little help, like add some fish sauce and lime juice and a shake of MSG and now you have a passable dish. Bein that I had to “doctor” this up to be OK, I’ll prob pass on it in the future. I just wanted something fast and easy.

  6. Serenity Guedel

    I get this every once in a while when I want something different as a lunch option. That being said…it’s not great. I do tend to doctor it up something awful, but it does somewhat address a vague craving for pad thai, if you have no other option.

  7. Mary G

    Since I have this at work and access to no other food, I just had to finish it. It’s really bad. Only two small bites of tofu, green onion and bean sprouts are the only vegetables I see. And the sauce is so bland

  8. Bre

    Really surprised by the reviews. I found it to be really tasty and something I’ve definitely picked up a few times.
    I would recommend it.

  9. Margaret

    Would not buy again. It was flavorless and I didn’t finish it.

  10. Anonymous

    Worst Trader Joe’s product I’ve had

  11. Caitlin

    If you’re craving Pad Thai, this will do the trick (& on the cheap).. remember, it’s a frozen meal that’s under $4 USD—you get what you pay for or put energy into & what you get here in under 5 minutes is not all that bad. I add fresh cilantro, a squeeze of lime & some chopped peanuts to mine to flavor it up. Yes, it needs the extra flavoring but in my personal opinion MOST frozen meals do need a little something to take them from ‘meh’ to ‘yeah’.

  12. Debra Leonard

    I found this really good and tasty. Great for a pad thai craving. I will buy again. And the price is great. Thank you Trader joes.

  13. Amy S.

    Not so good. I added teriyaki sauce with sesame seeds to make it edible.

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