Trader Joe’s Vegetable Burritos Reviews

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8 reviews for Trader Joe’s Vegetable Burritos Reviews

  1. Denver Mom

    They suck. Tasted more like Indian food than Mexican. They must have cumin in them. Even drowned in green chili….still sucked.

  2. Carrie

    These are ok, but not great. They aren’t spicy— just have a bit of a kick, and they don’t have a lot of flavor. They do get nice a crispy in the oven!

  3. HealthyMommy

    I love these, they are my go-to quick healthy vegan burritos. I like the mildly spiced flavor. They are pretty hearty and filling.

  4. Alicia Tate

    amazing. I cannot live without these. I keep them in the refrigerator to keep them cool but not frozen. and warm them up to room temp. so good. They taste like tomato chutney in a wrapper.

  5. becky

    Well I love the idea of these being veggie … perfect size … but it is drenched in Cumin … my least favorite spice … it only belongs in Chili or Indian food … it killed the other flavors of the burrito … sadly I will not purchase again … why anyone would put cumin in Mexican food and Hummus ????

  6. LA mom

    These are so satisfying and healthy ingredients. The whole family loves these.

  7. megan

    i LOVE these and love that they are semi-healthy

  8. Bill

    They changed these from how they used to be. They’d disappeared from the freezer for a few months and then returned, but are obviously now made by a different supplier. The inside used to be chunks of veggies, but now it’s mostly mushy beans. The tortilla also changed and was much softer than it had been while it was being heated. Very disappointed that they’ve ruined an item that I really liked.

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