Trader Joe’s Vegan Mayo Spread & Dressing Reviews

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Ingrdients: avocado oil, water, chickpea broth (water, chickpeas), white vinegar, sea salt, natural flavors, mustard flour, lemon juice concentrate, gum arabic, xanthan gum, garlic powder, onion powder, rosemary, oleoresin, and black pepper.

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9 reviews for Trader Joe’s Vegan Mayo Spread & Dressing Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    If you’re vegetarian don’t waste your time with this Mayo. Just go for the real thing. This mayo has too strong of a vinegar flavor. Nothing else comes through. The calories are also about the same per serving between this and regular mayo so I would never buy this again. Just make your own regular or vegan mayo at home.

  2. lori

    More sour than real mayonnaise and the texture is more… chunky (it is not smooth). I’ve only had my jar for about a month and it is now separating — liquid is pooling around curds of mayo. I do not recommend.

  3. Danielle du Preez

    I use this to mix in with other things. For example, I use it to make chickpea salad. That’s already a sour dish, so the fact that this is sour doesn’t make much difference to me. Definitely does not compare to Vegenaise, but neither does any other vegan mayo. I would rate this a solid “not bad” and I’m grateful that Trader Joes finally has SOME vegan mayo option.

  4. Julie

    It’s chunky, and had a weird plastic flavor and aftertaste. Do not recommend!!!

  5. PF

    I literally buy this mayo all the time from TJ’s. It’s the best one I’ve found. I don’t find it to be too sour or vinegar tasting. I LOVE using it for my chickpea sandwich spread, I make salad dressings with it, and use it for tuna salad (for the few times I eat meat). I did have one incident when it separated in the jar and I couldn’t get it to combine again and become smooth. That happened once (out of the 10 jars I’ve bought over the last year). I just took it back and they let me swap it out for another jar – no questions, no charge. I buy this product because most other brands have an off taste to me.

  6. Eric Brightwell

    The flavor is decent (I like things sour and vinegary) — similar, in my opinion, to Follow Your Heart’s Vegenaise or Hellmann’s Vegan Mayonnaise. The appearance, though, is… not good. It has a slightly grayish color and after about a week in my fridge, it’s curdling with oil coming to the surface and chunky bits forming below. It still tastes fine, though, if you can ignore the appearance.

  7. Nannette LeBlanc

    Its taste horrible..

  8. Maura

    Everyone saying this has a vinegar flavor.. But I don’t think it does. It tastes like someone mixed Mayo with a little mustard so it’s great in sandwiches and such!

  9. Jo

    This stuff is disgusting! I’m sticking with Vegenaise.

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