Trader Joe’s Lactose-Free Vanilla Coffee Creamer Reviews

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13 reviews for Trader Joe’s Lactose-Free Vanilla Coffee Creamer Reviews

  1. K. Vogt

    Love this coffee creamer and have been using this exclusively for years now. Just found they have taken it off the shelves due to “low quality” and will return it as soon it meets TJ’s standards again.

  2. Chad Johnson

    do not like this creamer. it has no taste or vanilla smell

  3. Jay

    I loved this creamer. I’ve been using it for years. Now they have changed it. New bottle, new taste. New chemically, weird after taste. Taste just like the sugar free CoffeMate. Why TJ, WHHHHYYY!? After spending so much time looking for a good creamer and finally found it. Then you change it! Drinking coffee is just not worth it anymore.

  4. Alyson

    I am beyond heartbroken. I was OBSESSED with the lactose free Camila coffee creamer and it was literally the only creamer I ever lived. I would but 5 bottles at a time. I cannot believe I am finding out they have taken of off the shelves. The texture was smooth and velvet like. I just tried the new one and the inconsistency is awful- syrupy and like coffee mate. Very disappointing
    Is this a “done deal”???

  5. Natalya S

    this has been my favorite creamer for years! I’ve literally tried every other creamer (healthy, non healthy) on the market and always go back to this one. PLEASE BRING IT BACK The new one is not the same! PLEASEEEEE

  6. Dino

    Agree with prior posts—best creamer on market. The replacement is horrible. Please Bring it back or tell us where we can buy this one if another manufacturer makes and distributes elsewhere

  7. Anonymous

    So my coffee and mornings have not been the same this new creamer is awful! The consistency is thick and disgusting and very artificial tasting not including that it’s not lactose free anymore please bring back the old Creamer or tell us where we can find it very dissatisfied and sad

  8. Anonymous

    i thought i was the only one that had a love affair with this creamer. I went into TJs to stock up and thought they just updated the packaging. Low and behold when I poured it into my coffee, i immediately knew they changed the ingredients too. The texture was off, and the taste was gummy and not enjoyable. It has definitely changed my mornings and I am so so sad about this. I’m now on the hunt for a new coffee creamer – TJs can you PLEASE bring the old one back??? This one is not good….

  9. Yes, Karen

    Disgusting new taste. I’m returning the unused bottle and portion and won’t be shopping here until the old creamer comes back. If it’s anything like my experiences with the other “improved” or discontinued products, I’ll be looking for a new creamer elsewhere.

  10. Tami

    Come on TJ, please bring back the lactose free vanilla coffee creamer! The new one is terrible! It tastes just like coffee mate. I might as well just go get coffee mate. The lactose free kind was the best I have ever had in creamers. Please bring it back!!

  11. Spencer

    TJ’s! Noooooo! I loved this coffee creamer so much. I’ve tried so many kinds but nothing compares. I literally go to TJ’s specifically to stock up on this (and end up buying 20 other things I don’t need?). I agree with the other reviews that the taste of the new one is not very good. Unfortunately, I may have to begin the hunt again for a new creamer. I guess it was good while it lasted…

  12. Amanda Rivera

    The creamer is my favorite. I love it a lot. Every morning coffee i have has to be with that. The only issue I have is the bottle. The wont close properly. I tried to ignore it at first until I almost spilled it because of the cap. It won’t completely close. All of them. Besides that bad thing about it i love the flavor. Has anybody had similar situations as me?

  13. H.Benjamin Lee

    Adds a new enjoyable dimension to my morning coffee.

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