Trader Joe’s Unexpected Cheddar Cheese Reviews

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9 reviews for Trader Joe’s Unexpected Cheddar Cheese Reviews

  1. Judy S.

    This is so good! One of my favorite Trader Joe’s cheeses. Cheddar with a nice little kick; more unique and tasty than typical bland cheddar cheese.

  2. Jennifer

    This is my British husband’s favorite cheese, so we always have it in the fridge. He is always searching for “proper” Cheddars, which should be dry and crumbly, and what he describes as sticking to the top of your mouth. This cheese, I would say, isn’t very powerful, but crumbles really well and has noticeable salt granules which bring Parmesan to mind. It’s not good for melting, so do not expect to throw this in a grilled cheese or to top nachos with it. Perfect for eating on its own.

  3. C.J

    This cheese is AWWWESOME. Strong flavor but not overwhelming. I paired it with some Mozzerella, and a sprinkling of Parm over—Polenta, TJ’s Chicken Sausage, and their brand Marinara Sauce.

    This was the dish that I sampled this past Friday (minus the Mozz/Parm) and let me tell you…WOW! I did the Spicy Chicken and Sun-Dried Tomato Sausages.

    Yes as someone said…it is quite crumbly I discovered while grating it but I disagree with the melting. It melted beautifully to me. While small in packaging— that taste definitely worth it!

  4. laura

    This is some of the best cheddar I have ever had. It is dreamy good and creamy, tastes like it is made with ghee. If I knew how good it was I would have bought more. There is no Trader Joe’s where I live. :o(

  5. Jan

    Yes, it’s delicious. However, I’m used to slicing my cheese for easy handling. This cheese falls apart into various size crumbles. The only thing I can think of is spooning it out of the package directly into my mouth. Not as messy as slicing it and having it spill all over the cheeseboard, but then again, not the best choice.
    Is there a better way to eat it?
    I’d like to know.

  6. Griffith Everson

    I love this Cheddar, it’s zesty and sharp with a distinctive flavor. You’ll need a thin sharp blade to cut into it or it will crumble, like a well made aged cheese should. It’s great with apples and biscuits and melted down it makes an excellent welsh rarebit. Highly recommended!

  7. Jeoff

    First time buyer and it will not be the last time. That it crumbles while slicing,no problem. Great taste that’s different. I had to check the ingredients to see why it tasted so good.

  8. KWM

    I literally go to TJ’s for five things–this is one of them. Amazing cheese for the price. My #1 favorite. Perfect.

  9. Anonymous

    Fuck jan

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