Trader Joe’s Uncured Bavarian Bratwurst Reviews

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Traditional sausage with no nitrites, made in Germany.


16 reviews for Trader Joe’s Uncured Bavarian Bratwurst Reviews

  1. Cindy Amberg

    Best I’ve been able to find in the Boston area.

  2. Ted

    Great flavor. Much much better than Johnsonville or other big brands.

  3. Anonymous


  4. JAG

    Great product! Better than u can get from Dietz& Watson or Johnsonville!
    Tastes great with Handlmaier’s sweet mustard from Regensgurg – home of these sausages!! Been there done that!
    If you want neat mustards, google Museum of Mustard in Wisconsin!!

  5. Lmpant

    The authentic best since returning from

  6. Ed

    Best brats I have ever tasted by far.

  7. Patti

    I have been telling everyone how great these are. We lived in Germany and these tastes just like the bratwurst we enjoyed there. In Germany they were thinner and longer, but the taste is spot on! We have tried so many supposed bratwurst that were really awful. So glad we found these, the texture, spices everything are authentic.

  8. Joseph Klemowicz

    Best Bratwurst I have had in America. NOW no longer carried!

  9. Richard A Parry

    Having been raised in Germany I’ve enjoyed a great many bratwursts, especially the type common in North Rhine Westphalia.
    These are the only ‘brats’ I’ve found in the US that taste anything like those I enjoyed in Germany.
    Crucial tip: Eat them with Herman mustard- Düsseldorf Mittel Senf . It’s available at World Market in jars that look like miniature beer glasses.
    If you like American ‘brats,’ enjoy them, but don’t confuse them with bratwurst.

  10. Beya

    What happed to the best Bratwurst in the World?
    Please, please, please bring them back !!! They were perfect!!!!

  11. Richard Parry

    The one thing that assured a regular trip to TJ’s; the best Bratwursts I’ve discovered in the US, and they’ve been discontinued.
    No need to go out of my way for anything g else, I’m done with TJ’s.

  12. John Mason

    DISCONTINUED!!! How could they? Best brats in area. I’ll sure miss them.


    Please bring back the Bratwurst ! This Product was the Best Ever. Been purchasing this for years and very disappointed.

  14. Dave S

    Best Brats in the South. How can a German owned company not have German brats? This is ridiculous.

  15. Goetz K

    Discontinuing the most authentic Bratwurst you could buy in US has a big impact for me as a German living in US. and I know I’m not alone. Lot’s of my German friends bought them too. I tried many different wanna be Bratwurst brands here, none of them comes close to the original ones. It’s a pity that they are gone, hoping it’s just a price war and they’ll come back one day.

  16. Tom

    We love them. Too bad we can’t get them anymore. Please bring them back, please, please, please

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