Trader Joe’s Uncured Bacon Wrapped Porchetta Pork Roast Reviews

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10 reviews for Trader Joe’s Uncured Bacon Wrapped Porchetta Pork Roast Reviews

  1. Sue b

    Underwhelmed…it did smell great while cooking but it took twice as long to cook than stated on label…I got the smallest one they had and even after 30 mins at room temp followed by 30 mins at 500 then well over an hour at 325 if was still only 130 degrees in the middle. The taste of rosemary was overwhelming and although moist the medicinal taste was off putting and the aftertaste was worse.Kept some and sauted it a couple of days later to make it crispy and top some with Alfredo and still the rosemary taste came through as too strong…unlikely to try again

  2. Diane DeNuccio

    I love this. Love, love, love it.
    I use a racked pan and a meat thermometer so mine come out absolutely perfect. Very moist, even the leftovers.
    When these roasts show up at holiday time, I buy several and freeze them for later. Wish they were available year-round.
    The other reviewer obviously does not like the herb rosemary, so did not like the porchetta. I am Italian so grew up eating many different dishes that include rosemary and this porchetta is a winner for Trader Joe’s.

  3. Karen

    It cooked to perfection. Seasoning was perfect. Kudos to TJs. Served it for company and it was a hit. I will definitely serve it again.

  4. Diane DeNuccio

    This review is for the 2020 product, which is very different than the same product in prior years. For some reason, the roasts I purchased this year were very tough, dry, and had almost no herb filling at all. I have a lot of prior experience with this roast so I know they are different this year. I always cook them exactly the same way and use a digital meat thermometer. Did the producer of this product change? The product sure did. So disappointed, I will not be buying them next year.

  5. BC

    Perfect for Sous Vide – I found these and I think they are new at our local TJs. Anyway, I re-bagged it after drying it off, cooled it sous vide at 145º for 3 hours and then finished it in a 500 degree convection oven for about 15 minutes and it was really good. The meat is more like a boneless shoulder than it is a loin, so the interior is fatty and has a lot of connective tissues. The flavor was very good, the rosemary was not too strong. Next time I plan to cook it for 6 hours (now that I know its not a loin, but actually has a lot of fat and connective tissue).

  6. Anonymous

    Excellent! Cooked well following instructions.

  7. Emily S

    I agree with the other 2021 positive reviews. I remember cooking this a few years ago and not being as impressed. This time it was absolutely excellent. I had a 2 lb roast. Keep an eye on the bacon during the first step at 500 degrees. I only cooked at high heat for 15 minutes (not the 20-25 as directed ) as I didn’t want it crispy. I used a leave-in digital thermometer(great product if you roast/grill meat often) and removed the roast at exactly 150 degrees. It only took 6 minutes for the temp to rise to 160, so be sure to have your sides ready. The flavor was excellent with prominent rosemary and oregano. I paired it with TJ’s frozen root vegetable fries, which I cooked in an air fryer and served drizzled with drippings from the roast. I’m planning to thinly slice the leftovers and put on biscuits for brunch. I’ll buy this again!

  8. Linda

    The spices were overwhelming. I
    Personally didn’t taste the meat which was fatty for a loin. I don’t recommend it unless you love a lot of strong rosemary and oregano spice.

  9. Angry customer

    Most disgusting thing I’ve ever had from Trader Joe’s, it must have had a few handfuls of salt in it, and enough spices to awaken the senses in someone who cannot taste – just disgusting! 30$ too – i want my money back. Also gristle, etc never buying another pre-made meat dish from Trader’s

  10. Klaine

    Delicious and a huge hit with my family!

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