Trader Joe’s Toscano Cheese with Black Pepper Reviews

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9 reviews for Trader Joe’s Toscano Cheese with Black Pepper Reviews

  1. Michelle

    Delicious addition to any cheese plate.

  2. k


  3. Anonymous

    It’s very, very good! I love the taste

  4. Anonymous

    Love it on Crunchmaster crackers. Dab a bit of raspberry jam on it even better

  5. Lisa

    I do not have the words to adequately describe how much I love this cheese! Part cheddar, part Parm, part Monterey Jack…All Flavor! It elevates mushroom risotto to a new level and makes scrambled eggs 10 times better. What I wonder is, was this made by TJ’s to emulate an Italian cheese? If so, which Italian cheese? Whether they invented it for is or if they have mad a copy of something Italian…it doesn’t matter to me because it’s sooooo delicious!

  6. Susan

    This is the best cheese I’ve ever gotten at TJ’s! It’s Parmigiana-esque, (similarly hard and crumbly) the rind of which has been impregnated with cracked black pepper. It is superb! On crackers for cocktail hour, in a grilled cheese, in omelettes, in pasta…it never disappoints!

  7. Craig

    We use this for our grilled cheese – whether this or the merlot or the syrah coated, the Toscano cheeses are all superb. It is hard to stop nibbling on it!

  8. Maggie Gervais

    Holy Cow…I love this cheese!! We live over an hour away and it was the first time I purchased it….wish I would have bought a half dozen…I serve it with Wheat Thins and a drizzle of honey but really, it is good just on its own!!

  9. Anonymous

    Had a sample. More like 3.5. Best of the toscano cheese variety. Can actually taste the pepper.

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