Trader Joe’s to the Power of 7 Organic Juice Blend Reviews

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22 reviews for Trader Joe’s to the Power of 7 Organic Juice Blend Reviews

  1. brett bauer

    This drink is the best! It has been out for a while…please tell me that it is not discontinued!!

  2. Merrick Dean

    Incredibly good.. I wish it was more often in my local store..

  3. Dale Wyatt

    So delicious…. Got to pic up more

  4. Donna Heim

    I like the Power of 7 Organic *Green* Juice best. I can always buy fresh berries that appeal to guests, and have a full contingent of health-promoting fiber. But the Power of 7 *green* juice blend makes it a pleasure to consume kale, spinach, celery, and other superfoods in a refreshing superhealthy drink. I greatly hope that Trader Joe’s continues making it available!

  5. Dorothy Tommerdahl

    I love the juice. It has a clean fresh taste and is not overly sweet. I hope you keep it in stock.

  6. Merrick Dean

    Love this juice ! Perfect hit without sugar and yet not sour..just right.. Wish they kept the local store better stocked with it

  7. Mark

    This is literally the one product that I shop here for. Since it’s been out of stock I’ve been forced to just buy plain old pomegranate juice from Ralph’s. I’ll keep checking in and when they get it bs k in stop I’ll swing by. I can get the rest of my impulse buys elsewhere too, but, I like the employees at my local trader Joe’s so, I’d be happy to have a reason to go back.

  8. Lucy Given

    My Trader Joe’s in Pinecrest(Miami) is not carrying Power of 7 anymore! My favorite juice! I travel 60 miles to get it. Wish they would carry it again.

  9. Audrey

    My store in San Jose, CA hasn’t had the Power of 7 Green Juice for so long. I used to always get it. I heard they were fixing the “recipe” of the juice from a worker. But haven’t seen it on the shelves. Hoping it comes back for 2020!

  10. Bruce Nelson

    This is wonderful stuff that has been off the shelf for several months. When will it return? Please get it back in the store!

  11. Anonymous

    The Power of 7 we love! My mudslide The taste. The stores in Illinois do not carry it anymore. It is one staple we always visited the store for. Please bring it back!

  12. Walter James Donne

    when will it return is has been gone 6 months to correct the vitamins mistake

  13. Jason Atlee

    So many of our favorite juices have gone to where we have to shop elsewhere.

    Power of Seven Green Juice was our absolute favorite in our community.

    Power of Seven Pomegranate as well.

    Also, the 64 oz. Pomegranate Green Tea & Mango Green Tea were discontinued.

    The whole bottled juice & tea selection has gotten very sad when it used to be excellent!

    We miss interacting with the crew in the store but I just don’t care to make several stops, it was great when I could go to you guys for a one-stop shop but the majority of stuff we just do online and stay local now.

    Please bring the power back! We miss you & you’ve lost several customers!



  14. LeShanna Newland

    Please bring back Power of Seven Green Juice!

  15. Patricia Astier


  16. Moe Saleh

    I just went to a Trader Joe’s store in Texas and I was told that the Power of Seven Green and the berry one are permanently been discontinued and will no longer have it anymore… I’ve also noticed its not just these 2 juices, I noticed many of its juices that come in the glass bottles are out of stock like the organic pomegranate juice as well which seems all sources from the same vendor from Turkey. I think they maybe in the process for looking for a new vendor now, you can double check by calling Trader Joe’s corporate customer Service #.

  17. Sara Byerley

    Please please bring these back. They were my go to. These juices made me feel better and aided I’m weight loss. My guy ran perfectly. My life and health are so effected. I’m sad!

  18. Keith Yoder


  19. Valerie Stevens

    Amazing!!!! Getting a case next 5ime. Grabbed on the way to check out! OMG!!

  20. Amber Christine

    Am I the only one? This drink makes me go to the bathroom!!! Its very delicious, want to try the green one next!

  21. Robin

    I really enjoyed drinking Power Green. The combination of the 7 ingredients is paired well together. I drank sevens oz’s which is just one oz shy of your 8 oz recommended serving size. In return I had a healthy buzz going on for a few hours. This truly picked me up and put me in a good mood. It’s on the pricy side but it’s worth it. Wish it was more than a seasonal item.

  22. Deidra

    I love the power of purple and green organic juice blend. I would love to order it by the case. My family loves it so much that it doesn’t last 2 days. This is by far my favorite two juices.

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