Trader Joe’s Timor-Leste Ermera Small Lot Coffee Reviews

(3 customer reviews)

100% arabica whole bean coffee. Medium roast with notes of milk chocolate, sweet orange, and raisin.


3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Timor-Leste Ermera Small Lot Coffee Reviews

  1. Nancy

    Tasty but yields digestive distress.

  2. Matt Herold

    I thought this was a very tasty for a small lot offering. I’m a coffee snob and I thought this is a solid brew, especially for the price.

  3. John Alan Connerley

    Trader Joe’s Timor-Leste Ermera coffee is an excellent product. I enjoy it as a varietal brew by itself, and, for contrast, have blended 1-to-1 with TJ’s Colombian coffee … with wonderful results. Not only that, I salute TJ’s for spotlighting Timor Leste’s coffee for moral reasons. Indonesia invaded Timor Leste in 1974 and — in addition its war on Timor Leste’s people — for several decades attempted to erase Timor Leste’s coffee brand by simply marking it as one of Indonesia’s beans, making it next to impossible to find. Until Now! Thank you, Trader Joe!!! Muito obrigao!!!

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