Trader Joe’s Sweet Cream Coffee Creamer Reviews

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Flavored with other natural flavors. Ultra-pasteurized.

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27 reviews for Trader Joe’s Sweet Cream Coffee Creamer Reviews

  1. LISA

    I NEED THIS!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Cannot believe this amazing creamer is discontinued, I am in complete shock! I rely on this creamer to get me through the day, any chance you’ll bring it back?

  3. Grecia

    We need this creamer back! It’s the only thing I like for my coffee!

  4. Tiana

    Please please please bring this creamer back 🙁
    It’s the only coffee creamer that I found that makes my coffee palatable. I’ve tried other sweet creams, coffee creamers (powdered and liquid), and this was the first one that was PERFECT. I was able to quit my Starbucks habit AND cut the amount of calories in my coffee.

  5. Jay Gould

    This was a really tasty product. Trader advised me by phone that it suffered from “overall slow sales” which surprised me based on its constant movement on the shelf at the Scarsdale, NY store where I shop. I second “Please bring it back” and to the customers who never tried it “Please give this excellent product a try if it DOES come back! It beats CoffeeMate and the like and is healthier!”.

  6. Jennifer Esselman

    How is it possible that this is being discontinued due to slow movement? It is ALWAYS sold out!! Bring this back PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!

  7. Gregg and Christine Champion

    Please BRING THIS BACK!! It was always sold out at our store in West Los Angeles..had to come early in the AM on tues and buy 2 to last us the week. This product is such a winner…you need to get someone enterprising to market it if indeed sales were slow—like hire a student and offer samples with coffee. I guarantee you–it could be a big winner if someone took a moment to figure it out.

  8. Kevin B

    I love this creamer and have seen it sold out on a number of occasions here in San Diego so it must sell ? Kind of tired of TJ’s discontinuing items that I really like ! It’s happened a few times before. Guess I’ll start shopping elsewhere .

  9. Aaron

    Please bring this back!! Noooooooo!!!!

  10. Chris Roberts

    Please bring this back, best creamer out there!

  11. Nemec4

    Found the equivalent sweet cream creamer at my acme store in westchester, ny brand is called Open Nature…. Tastes exactly the same…. Probably the company that makes it for Trader Joe’s, owned by Lucerne.

  12. Anonymous

    Best creamer ever!!! Please bring it back!! Please!

  13. Jeannie

    Seriously the best coffee creamer I have ever used. I was just informed at my local Trader Joe’s in Wa in it has been discontinued and I am so upset! My morning coffee hasn’t been the same since I ran out a month ago and to find out I won’t be able to ever get it again. It blows my mind that something so popular and almost always sold out is discontinued. I’ve tried a variety of coffee creamer and NOTHING compares. You should definitely have second thoughts. Seems to me after all the other reviews I’ve read you made an Ill advised decision.

  14. Bill K

    Please do not discontinue this product. This is our favorite coffee creamer. Please bring it back.

  15. Lindsey

    Please bring back the sweet cream coffee creamer! By far the best product anywhere. Nothing compares to it.

  16. Marilyn

    Best coffee creamer on the market. I just found out yesterday while in your store that this has been discontinued.
    I miss having it with my coffee. I thought it was just always sold out. I don’t even enjoy my coffee anymore.
    Please bring it back even if it cost more. I would prefer to pay more for it than to never have it. Please bring it back.

  17. Iliana

    Nothing compares to this creamer. I’ve had all sweet creams and even Starbucks sweet cream doesn’t taste like this one. I hope it comes back.

  18. Nancy

    This is the main reason I went to Trader Joe’s. Please bring it back.

  19. Anna

    Wow mind blown that you have discontinued this creamer!! It was always sold out at my local TJ and I’d have to buy it in doubles to not miss it! We stopped drinking coffee at our house because of this creamer not being available. I cannot fathom how this had slow sales, it is the best creamer we’ve ever tried and recommend it to all our friends and family! Please please bring it back! It’s the main reason I also stop at TJ’s

  20. TJ Lover

    This was the very best coffee creamer that’s mostly healthy I’ve ever found and TJ’s discontinued it. I could cry. I always bought 2-3 every week I went for groceries because it stayed sold out. I would plan my entire grocery trip around a day I guessed they’d have stock. How in the world was it not popular? I don’t understand. I’m so sad it’s gone. I don’t understand you Trader Joe’s! I’m not buying your crappy other creamers with junk in them.

  21. Wendy

    Please bring back I only use this creamer so upset I don’t like the French vanilla one and not a fan of the coconut almond either. I have been trying to get it for months. Maybe make a smaller size instead of the large one for folks who don’t use it all. But we need this back please

  22. Martha Zamudio

    Please bring back this creamer! There’s nothing better out there

  23. Derry Deringer in Alexandria, VA

    Please bring this product back. My favorite coffee creamer. Please please please.

  24. Matt

    BRING IT BACK!!!VSo Trader Joe’s and Open Nature have discontinued this creamer (both made by Lucerne). The next closest creamer is Lucerne Organics at Randall’s… at twice the price. NOTHING else tastes as good!

  25. John

    I used to go TJ’s just for this item.

  26. wwa

    Please, please bring it back!!! I can’t find anything else worthy.

  27. Anonymous

    TJs sweet cream was an absolutely terrific creamer. After months of searching have found an almost replacement sold at acme here on the east coast under Lucerne’s own label, Connoli Sweet Cream and also French vanilla combining the two to taste. Think Open Nature is sold in west coast as sweet cream.

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