Trader Joe’s Super Red Drink Powder Reviews

(14 customer reviews)

14 reviews for Trader Joe’s Super Red Drink Powder Reviews

  1. Bruce Gillen

    This is a phenomenal product and I can’t find anything out there that matches it. I have to look because Trader Joe’s has for some bizarre reason chosen to discontinue this product. Bring it back…please!

  2. Anonymous

    Excellent product. I’m very disappointed that it has been discontinued.

  3. Karen Adams

    Bring back the Red Drink!!! What the heck??? I use it every day. It’s an awesome price for an awesome product!!!

  4. Karen

    I love the red drink powder. I have been also using it every day for years! It’s true! There is nothing out there that compares! Please bring it back!

  5. Angela

    Why oh why has this incredible product been discontinued? I’ve used it for over a decade and for the price is the best deal going for a red drink. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!

  6. Donna

    I wish I knew who made this stuff for Trader Joes… I loved it and can’t find anything that compares to it. Great energy and I miss it!

  7. Fred Burdine

    My Trader Joe’s still has this on the shelves but in finding that TJs discontinued the Super Green Powder I found out that the Super Red has been discontinued, but is possibly being reconfigured. Guess I’ll need to search for a replacement somewhere else.

  8. Rachelle L Bailey

    I have used various red and green powders for years. Trader Joe’s red powder has BY FAR been the best! Best tasting, best performing, best price. I am sooooo disappointed that such a terrific product has been discontinued. It made my mornings complete. Please bring it back!!

  9. Birdie Birdie

    I love so many of Trader Joe’s products. But the Super Red Drink Powder was so awesome, I have no words. I bought the Super Red and the Super Green Drink Powder and I used it about every other day. I never wanted to run out. The red was by far my favorite. I thought they were both awesome though. I knew about the ORAC Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity values and I know that it is important to my health. PLEASE BRING THEM BACK!

  10. Randy

    Please bring it back!!! I beg you!!

  11. Jeanne

    This was a great product. I haven’t found another one that can come close.

  12. SFJ

    Please bring it back. It was perfect. Can’t find a substitute for it. If you won’t bring it back, at least tell us who the manufacture is.

  13. Christian

    Pls bring it back!!

  14. Polly

    PLEASE bring Red Powder back. I am so weary of searching for a replacement and spending money on products that fall short. Trader Joe has enough clout in the grocery industry to get someone to manufacture this fabulous supplement.

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