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11 reviews for Trader Joe’s Super Lemony Lemon Bites Reviews

  1. Wes

    These lemon bites are really good! I’m somewhat picky when it comes to lemon-flavored products, as sometimes the lemony flavoring can be too acidic (and almost taste like cleaning spray or something). Rest assured, that’s not the case with these!

    The texture is perfect as well. Very brownie-like — melt in your mouth but still chewy. These are super addictive and didn’t last long in my cupboard! I also enjoyed the drizzle of frosting on top – it was actually pretty subtle, which was nice.

  2. Lena

    I would describe these as tasting like lemon pound cake. Really good! Trader Joe’s baked desserts aren’t always the best (very hit or miss), but these are a hit. I like that there’s a lot of the little lemon squares in the package, too.

  3. CM

    Yuck. Can only hope they’ve stopped making them. Well, not really, since those who like them I guess should be able to get them. One of the only TJ’s products we’ve ever tossed out, after eating just a few. Very off putting ‘lemon oil’ taste – not tart, just …weird. I’m a lemon flavored dessert nut, and these were just awful. TJs frozen lemon bars on the other hand are terrific, like most all their frozen desserts. But these things, man, just inedible

  4. Jane

    Chewy, moist, like a lemon brownie. Super lemony and really addicting

  5. Anonymous

    Manager of TJ suggested I try these while there is a hold on the TJ frozen lemon bars due to a weight discrepancy. He opened a package for me to try and encouraged me to take more than one. I’m so glad he walked away before I took a bite because it tasted so gross I threw it all away. It had very little lemony tart flavor and the texture was rubbery. Please bring back my frozen lemon bars!

  6. dlj

    I LOVE these tart lemony bites of deliciousness. They were sampling them and after trying one I had to go back and ask for another – they were that good. I served them at a luncheon where I wanted something light to end the meal and people actually fought over the last one. They are chewy like a brownie but have a refreshing lemon flavor and the tart drizzle of icing tops it off. I have a tub of them in the freezer now and they are great frozen too.

  7. Linda

    These are freaking amazing! I hope they never stop selling them. They are so lemony, and you only need to eat two, and you are more than satisfied.

  8. Nancy

    Fabulous frozen . . . Chewy and delicious.
    WHY did TJs stop carrying this perfect dessert?

  9. Shirley

    Absolutely wonderful. I hope these come back after the holiday inventory goes away. Lemony, tart, great cake/blondie texture. Sweet enough, but not cloying.
    I am looking

  10. Lea

    Please please please bring these back!

  11. Bekah

    I miss these. If TJ’s doesn’t plan to bring them back, the least they could do is share the recipe.

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