Trader Joe’s Sulawesi Coffee Reviews

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5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Sulawesi Coffee Reviews

  1. Jenny “CassandraToday” Howard

    Unusually delicious. Life is too short for boring coffee, so I drink a variety of kinds, and I don’t buy mediocre coffee. This Sulawesi has a big, bold taste, even though it’s not a super-dark roast, and even without brewing it strong. As the taste of a swallow fades, it mellows — I think TJ’s says it has “caramel notes”. It’s smooth all the way through. From what my taste buds can tell, it also packs a good caffeine punch, the source of a slight sharpness that I like, though it may not be everybody’s … er … cup of tea. (sorry) And the flavor that most surprised me is an earthy, or organic, undertone, making the taste richer and more complex. This is the best tasting coffee I’ve had in recent memory
    (About me — I never before in my life wrote a coffee review; this is that good. I brew my coffee one cup at a time through a Melitta cone and filter. (Is this what the hipsters call “pour-over”?) I’m not a heavy drinker — 3 cups/day +/- — so I want to savor each cup. I brew a little on the strong side — TJ’s somewhat granular espresso grind, a scoop and a half, 300 ml of microwave-boiled water.)

  2. Les Peterson

    The roaster apparently has no clue about what constitutes medium roast. This coffee is a waste of a good bean. There was no coffee flavor, just a burned taste on the back of the tongue. The beans were dark and oily when they should be light to medium brown and dry in appearance. The reviewer above says it is smooth. with a “slight sharpness”. The sharpness is the taste of burnt carbohydrates assaulting the taste buds. Any hit of caramel it claims to hav has been reduced to carbon.

  3. Deb

    One of the better coffees offered at TJs. I have no fancy words to describe it other than it tastes wonderful in the early morning hours.

  4. Kate Jones

    I like this coffee, but went to get some more and guess what Trader Joe’s had NONE…..are you getting more in???? Very disappointing

  5. Dee Johnston

    Really delicious coffee. Will you be getting more?

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