Trader Joe’s Sugar Plum Jam Reviews

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3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Sugar Plum Jam Reviews

  1. Debra

    Soooo good! Please keep it all year. Good slightly tart plum jam is so hard to find. Usually too sweet. Plum is my favorite jam, but I stopped buying it after “King” stopped making it because every one I tried was too sweet. I’m going to stock up, but would love to be able to get it year around

  2. Julie

    I loved this jam too! Of course, they had it one season and never stocked it again. Frustrated!

  3. Mary

    This sugar plum jam is to die for !!!! When it comes to town the holidays are here !!! The best thing I ever put on my toast I will eat it everyday For the rest of my life!! and when it comes back around I will get a case for the year Yes I will !! And I won’t share!!! 8 months till I see you again!! Please come back !!! I Love you ❤️ You will come back won’t you

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