Trader Joe’s Organic Sriracha Garlic BBQ Sauce Reviews

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18 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Sriracha Garlic BBQ Sauce Reviews

  1. Kirk Hunt

    Bought a bottle of this on a whim and was going to try it on baked pork chops. I tried a taste before brushing it on just to make sure I would like it. !!! I wanted to keep eating it straight from the bottle. So good, now will be my favorite BBQ sauce.

  2. Mary Hansen

    Had this on Christmas Eve – will be getting some this weekend. Better not be a seasonal item!!

  3. Art

    Tried this at the store and it tastes amazing! I can drink this stuff out the bottle!

  4. Rob C

    This is the bomb bbq sauce, I put it on my bacon wrapped wings as a glaze, well worth it, I’m going to buy all of this that TJ’s puts out from every store I come within contact with, it’s that freaking good

  5. patti gamble

    we are now officially but the last three times i’ve been to the store they were out!!!!! please please please tell me this was a temporary item!

  6. Christina

    I’ve been trying to look for this for months! Does anyone know if this was a seasonal item or not?

  7. Tianna in Seattle


    We talked to our local Trader Joe’s about the product, that they never knew when it would come in or how much would be coming, so we started calling them every morning after their “dry shipment” to see if it was in. This morning they said they were stocked so we reserved a case and bought it 35 minutes later, lol. 12 bottles of awesome! 😀

  8. Wes

    This is SO good. Bought it based on the good reviews on here, and tried it for the first time with a chicken stir-fry. I don’t normally use BBQ sauce for anything, but that will change with Trader Joe’s Sriracha Garlic BBQ sauce. To me it doesn’t taste super garlicky or a ton like sriracha, just like really good BBQ sauce with a kick.

  9. Genny Cox

    Only bought one bottle will definitely buy more! Excellent on TJ’S cocktail meatballs! Can’t wait to try it in other recipes.

  10. Tina

    Awesome sauce!!! Sweet and tangy with a kick…Thank you Trader Joe’s 🙂

  11. Aaron M

    Picked some up on a trip to Trader’s and I’m kind of sorry I didn’t grab 2 bottles. Not too garlicy, so put that out of your mind. Sweetness of BBQ with the kick of Sriracha. I’m in love! Had some on a burger with some pepper jack cheese, and I think I’ve found winner! Thank you Traders for not being afraid to think outside the box!

  12. Shannon M

    Not only does this taste fantastic for many recipes (I really like to dip grilled cheese sandwiches in it), but I also love that it is organic. Thank you for another favorite!!!

  13. Sean

    I don’t often eat bbq sauce, but this stuff is AWESOME! It’s not overly-sweet and has the right mix of smokeyness, garlic, and Sriracha kick. My go-to bbq sauce from now on for sure!

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  16. V.

    It’s the best of the best. Organic, delicious, completely irresistible. Tastes fantastic on veggie burgers, on anything pan-Asian, on anything i the range of Southern cuisine. Amazing.

  17. TJFL

    Just discovered this, it’s so good and versatile! The sriracha and bbq complement each other really well, and the garlic isn’t overpowering. Tried it so far on chicken, veggie burgers, breakfast skillets, and still experimenting. So far it’s all been delicious!

  18. Jenifer Hardman

    Wish I would have tried it sooner. Bought my first bottle based on internet rec’s, loved it ribs… oh my goodness, now it’s been DISCONTINUED! If your store still has it, get extra b4 it’s gone I don’t know what they’re thinking. Why drop a winner … especially with only one other bbq sauce available??!

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