Trader Joe’s Spiral Sliced Uncured Ham Reviews

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26 reviews for Trader Joe’s Spiral Sliced Uncured Ham Reviews

  1. Kerry

    Love this! I like that the smokey flavor of it is subtle and it’s not loaded with salt, yet still delicious.

  2. Jackson

    My family loves this – it’s great in omelettes, too.

  3. Linda

    I thought I’d see what hams Trader Joe’s was offering, since Honeybaked hams are SO expensive. TJ’s were uncured, fully cooked, and spiral sliced, so I bought one to serve to three friends just before Thanksgiving. It was SOOO good!! I have never been a big ham eater, but I have been snacking on the leftover, refrigerated ham ever since. It is NOT too salty, not too sweet, and the smoked flavor is delicious. Other hams have unbelievable amounts of sodium (look up the nutritional info) – and Trader Joe’s is about 1/3 as much. The family want me to bring a Honeybaked ham for Thanksgiving Day, but I’m going to pull a switcheroo and serve a TJ’s spiral cut ham — they even include a packet to make the sugar/cinnamon crackle glaze, and it works great. After everyone has eaten the TJ’s and said “best ham ever” – I’ll tell the truth. : )

  4. Carol Demech


  5. Lisa

    This is now my favorite ham. I didn’t use the glaze. I probably would if serving to guests. I tried a sample in the store and was hooked. We have had it heated up with veggies on the side. We have had it on salads. And we have had it as a snack with gluten free crackers. Not too salty like most hams I’ve tried. Not too sweet. Just the right amount of smoked flavor.

  6. Ellen

    I pretty much like TJ’s everything… had the spiral ham last year, great. This year, not so much. It was very dry & I undercooked it! Ugh, very disappointed. There was a big gap between spiral layers, pertinent? Don’t know, but $45. later, not happy

  7. Billy P

    After hearing how good Trader Joe’s spiral hams were we raced to the next town over to grab one for ourselves. We purchased the 1/4 spiral cut ham, and after glazing and cooking, the ham was dry and rubbery. No ham flavor just a mouthful of salt. So disappointed that THIS was our holiday dinner. Never doing ham again on a holiday. Not worth the risk!

    To add to this disaster, the cornbread stuffing was wet and soggy. And this is after using only half of the recommended liquid called for on the box directions. It would best be described as completely tasteless. Definitely not cornbread, more like styrofoam.


    Always have gotten my Christmas ham at TJ. This year it was disgusting. Tasted like it was cured in Cinnamon. I couldn’t make anything with the leftovers because of the strong sweet and cinnamon taste. What a waste of money. Out of 14 people, only 2 liked it. Also it was full of fat. Gross.

  9. Joanne M.

    Guess we lucked out. Had the 1/4 S Spiral Ham (Lot 11937),for Easter dinner, it was good. Just had one of two leftover packages I put away in the freezer. That was good too.

  10. Anonymous

    Purchased this ham a week
    ago. Tried it and was very disappointed. It is tasteless and very fatty. Will not eat this garbage.Need my money
    back.Rating is a 1 for effort.

  11. Carolyn Ange

    Bought TJ spiral ham for Christmas 2019. Followed directions explicitly. VERY DRY. Daughter’s TJ ham always delicious.
    Something wrong this year in Bressi Ranch TJs?

  12. Wendy Wallace

    Terrible. The instruction were almost impossible to read. The instruction were on the package of glaze and not centered on the packet. I had to open the packet or glaze and cut it open to read the instructions completely with a magnifying glass.

  13. Melinda Hardin

    We had this for one of the Christmas meals this year, and I was terribly disappointed. TJ’s has put some spice or herb in it that overpowers the ham, or just doesn’t go with ham. In addition, it was very dry. I did not use the glaze, because I felt that would make it even worse. What’s wrong with the classic ham taste? No reason to make it “different.” And someone should have fed the hog just a bit more. Fat hogs are happy hogs.

  14. V Stone

    Important point to all those who say they ‘overcooked it’ or it was dry.
    The ham is already cooked.
    All you have to do is WARM it up.

    Thus, this is the best. ham. ever.
    Just don’t freaking COOK it, because – as the simple instructions say – it is already cooked.
    I’m buying three next time, because I wish they were available year long. They freeze and defrost just fine. Soft, tender, tasty.

  15. James B Muradian

    I love Trader Joe’s . There is not much I don’t like about this store but this ham is not for me. If this is the first ham I every had I probably wouldn’t eat ham. It has a weird texture had very low on flavor. It is low on salt which is good. My wife loves it so it might just be me. I eat ham all the time so who knows?

  16. Peter Roberts

    I Love Ham! In fact I am just a big ham at heart, but this ham broke my heart. Trader Joe’s should not have labeled it “HAM” because it’s really a great big, over-cooked, dried-out pork chop. I literally walked into the the kitchen when it was cooking and very reluctantly asked my wife, “what is that awful smell?” It smelled a little like a dirty dumpster. I then asked my wife, “are you cooking cabbage?” It didn’t taste terrible. Like a dry pork chop.


    I bought the TJs ham for Easter. Just like one person noted, just WARM it up. The directions say 275 degrees and cover it. I did just that and it came out delicious, not dry. I don’t know if they changed the glaze but if you are worried about it being “cinnamony”:, it’s not. I smelled the glaze packet before making it and it is cloves, not cinnamon. Just like back in the day when my mom would would put whole cloves into the ham. I would definitely buy this again.

  18. Jim

    Very disappointed. Dry and so much Fat. We Threw most of it out.

  19. Kenneth A. Lane

    Bought it this Monday (Full Half) 11/23/20 and had to make it today 11/24/20. I opened the foil to look at the ham and discovered a hole over the round bone, so the vacuum was gone. I examined it and appeared ok but not like the cured hams. I cooked it and like others referenced, it was dry, tough and without flavor. What was really the last straw, was the terrible spiral slicing that was due to the large jointed bone (about a third of the ham). Reminded me of those .49 cent a lb. cheap shanks from days gone by. No more uncured for me, and no more foil wrapped hams either.

  20. HJ

    Definitely the nastiest ham I’ve made or eaten. Overridingly unpleasant blend of tastes, none of which are ham. Threw the entire thing in the garbage.

  21. Mary

    Very disappointed in this ham. I made a board for Thanksgiving this year; this ham was to be the main protein. We like to snack on spiral hams right out of the fridge, so obviously didn’t overcook it. It was very dry and chewy as though it had been frozen for a long time. The flavor was not fresh. We tossed it. The charcuterie was delicious as were the other items I bought for our meal.


    I absolutely loved the spiral ham and would recommend it to all of my friend and family. The dressing that Trader Joe’s make are great. I believe the problems that people are running into is that you have to measure and cook precisely. You’re not cooking wild animal meat for hour in which all of their meat has no antibodies, nitrates and etc. Sorry but not Sorry. Please read follow the directions.

  23. Karen Mok

    The ham is very lean and it will be juicy and not dry out if it’s cooked in a Reynolds’s oven bag. Don’t bother to use that glaze packet, the spice mixture smells horrible. The ham is fine without the glaze.

  24. debra shoemaker

    First time trying TJ ham. bought the 1/4 spiral. there is something off about this ham, other than the fat. Can’t put my finger on it. Not any real ham taste. Looks like no ham bone for bean soup out of this. VERY DISSAPOINTED. I wonder where the ham is sourced from ?

  25. Kathy Young

    We bought our third Christmas ham this year expecting the same delicious flavor as we found in 2019 and 2000. I can’t describe how disappointed we were/are with what we brought home. Same label, ingredients and description but all I can say is Blah! What happened? Where’s the flavor? We bought our ham last month and kept it as a challenge to our creativity. How can we fix this? So far nothing has helped but we have a lot of have left to work with. Will let you know if we found a solution.

  26. Richard Carleton Hacker

    By and large, the ham’s are great. We have purchased three – all at Christmas over the past years. One was hideously misshapen and semi-jellied – we couldn’t serve it to our guests, it was so embarrassing. and we got our money back (TJ’s is great about owning up to their supplier’s mistakes). The other two were superb – excellent flavor (cook slightly longer than you think but not too long or it will dry out),) spirals made “carving” a snap (cut around the bone and the pieces just fall off), but a word of caution on the “glaze” they give you. Toss it OUT! Too cinnamony, it will harden in your pan, is a bear to apply, doesn’t add much to the already-flavorful ham) and whoever though of printing those tiny instructions on a bright gold foil packet should literally have their eyes examined. So that’s two hams out of three. Considering everything else, that’s not too bad in today’s world.

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