Trader Joe’s Spicy Pickled Vegetables Reviews

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3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Spicy Pickled Vegetables Reviews

  1. bex

    Spicy pickled carrots, onions, garlic cloves and jalapeños are a staple at taco shops all around my city. TJ’s version has managed to capture this, sans the garlic, AND they added cauliflower and jicama! This is about medium on the mild-medium-hot scale. It is a guilt-free, super low carb after-work snack for me and only 15 calories per serving. Except I’ve eaten more than one serving in a sitting …

  2. Ryan S

    The first batch was a solid 5-stars and was gone within a week, but I think I just grew tired of it or something, because I have had the second batch for some time. It is very good. I need to think of other uses for it, rather than just dipping in the jar and eating it.

  3. Karen

    Do they still have this? We ❤️ it, but haven’t seen it in a while, hoping it’s still around!

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