Trader Joe’s Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil Reviews

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2 reviews for Trader Joe’s Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil Reviews

  1. Miguel

    This oil totally lacks of the fruity, grassy aroma and flavor of fresh olives. Absent is the peppery finish which is generally a good indicator of freshness and abundant antioxidants. Trader’s Joe Spanish extra virgin olive oil tastes and smells like an open tin of cheap olives that has been sitting on your kitchen counter for a couple of days. I’ll still use it for sauteing and frying as I hate to waste food.

  2. Milisa

    THis Olive Oil is EXCELLENT and is delicious: perhaps the other review from Miguel was because he had a bad batch but I have used this for YEARS and everyone loves it! The oil doesnt have the nasty bitter flavors but rather tasty and you can use it on anything

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