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  1. Anonymous

    The photo above is false to fact; these are no longer from a “family owned company”. They’re only “from New Zealand”. This is important because the nutritional information has dramatically changed as well as the front label.

    Where there was once 7g of added sugar per 40g of product, now there are 12 g of added sugar per 30g of product. Total carbs are about the same, now 23g for 30g of product instead of 31g for 40g of product, or about 80% carb now versus 75% before.

    As far as this being “black” licorice? Yeah, no, it is not black, nor does it taste much of either licorice root or anise. I read someone else’s description of the taste as that of black and red mixed together, and with its translucent purple appearance it looks like that too.

    Don’t waste your $ on this stuff, and shame on you, TJ — your products are usually a cut above normal, not a cut below like this stuff.

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