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14 reviews for Trader Joe’s Smoked Peppered Mackerel Reviews

  1. Kevage

    Cut back on the salt and I will give it 5 stars.

  2. Smurfwreck

    I really enjoyed the flavor and quality of the fish, I was just surprised at the amount of sharp pin bones in the fillets. It’s probably me being ignorant of mackrel, but I didn’t expect bones in a fillet like this, particularly one that was flavored and smoked. I guess I’m just used to smoked salmon. The bones, for me, made these almost inedible as you basically had to completely flake the fillets to pull them all out. The kind of time and effort made this a one time purchase.

  3. Michelle Aitken

    This is one of your best products! I was So very disappointed when we went to our local Trader Joes at the weekend to do our shopping and found out you have discontinued this product.
    We enjoyed the Smoked Mackerel on Salads, baked potatoes, in a potato gratin, made pate with it, added it to chowder, and so much more.
    Please consider bringing it back!

  4. Valerie

    Great product! Disappointed it is discontinued, it’s not avaiable anywhere!! Please bring it back!!

  5. Tom

    This couldn’t be beat. Mackerel on a British muffin every morning for breakfast. Healthy, relatively filling and easy. Went back to get my weekly ration and found out it’s been discontinued. Bummer!

  6. Roll Tide

    Please bring this product back. I used to buy 10 at a time.

  7. Sarah Mies

    Please bring this back! I stocked up for awhile and went today to purchase and heard it was discontinued. One of the favorite lunch meals for my 5 children. We went through at least 2 packs at a time. A great source of omega 3s for them.

  8. Jennifer

    Why are people saying this is discontinued? I just bought it today for the first time here in California. Never noticed it before. So good!

  9. Stel

    Please bring the mackerel back!

  10. S

    Please bring this product back …why have you discontinued it.. we can’t find it anywhere in NY. This is such a huge huge disappointment

  11. Neal Goldstein

    Your smoked mackerel was the reason I shopped at Trader Joe’s! Best product in your store. Unbeatable on a Trader Joe’s bagel w/ Trader Joe’s cream cheese. Please bring it back!

  12. Steve Wagner

    The nearest TJ to me is 56 miles away. We periodically make the drive with a cooler and stock up on the smoked peppered mackerel, one of our favorite things that TJ carries. I recently found you are discontinuing it. I have 1 left in the freezer. Please bring it back. It isn’t worth the trip to us if you are not carrying it. Most trips we spend at least $100 at TJ. While that may not be all that much, we won’t bother if you don’t carry it.

  13. Emma Button

    Please bring this product back!!

  14. S S

    Love this product! Please bring it back!

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