Trader Joe’s Boneless Skinless Mackerel in Sunflower Oil Reviews

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14 reviews for Trader Joe’s Boneless Skinless Mackerel in Sunflower Oil Reviews

  1. Serena

    So tasty , and so delicious ( so good with salad )

  2. Alex

    They’re delicious and full of omega-3. So happy to find canned mackerel in the US.

  3. Giuseppe Soffiare

    I found these to be tough and somewhat flavorless. I’d eat them like medicine, but not for pleasure.

  4. Don Doorly

    Excellent, great lunch along with TJs water crackers. I sprinkle hot sauce all over them. Doesn’t get any better !

  5. charlotte

    Hello Everybody,

    So I am Danish, and I grew up with canned mackerel and have tried other canned mackerel, but Trader Joe’s is absolutely the best one. ;0)

  6. K

    I love it! I have it at least 4 days a week. I love it with steamed rice mixed with wilted spinach. Add soy sauce to taste. Warm filling and yummy!

  7. OT

    My favorite! But they were gone from shelves at NYC TJs. Hope they didnt stop the distribution.
    Its so good to eat as salad, squeez lemon, pepper, salt and with olive oil and fresh cilantro. I can top on fresh watercress or fresh beets! yummy!

  8. Jeani

    OMG, it’s so good. I learned by eating sushi that I love mackerel. But, as a general rule I’m not a fan of cooked fish. But Trader Joe’s canned mackerel is beyond good.

  9. Vi An

    Just bought TJs canned mackerel on a whim. It’s so flavorful. It’s now going to be a regular staple in my pantry. I appreciate all the suggestions that have been previously shared here. Just like Jeani, I didn’t realize how much I loved mackerel until having it as sashimi. Now, I know I enjoy it cooked, too! Probably will eat it with rice and roasted broccoli or sautéed baby bok choy for a quick and easy meal.

  10. Carrie

    I’m hooked on this stuff straight from the can with poppy seed dressing. Mmmmmm, so good. Would be amazing flaked into a pasta dish too. Thanks for another great product, TJs!

  11. Skip

    Great Product! At the top In a class of its own..

  12. K Lesney

    Being Danish I grew up eating mackerel. This can is the best on the market I have found. One of the ways it is eaten is in a tomato base with a dab of mayonnaise and chopped chives on full grain pumpernickel bread. TJs has all the ingredients to make a traditional Danish healthy open face sandwich. Take a can of the mackerel and empty without the olive oil into a small bowl. Chop up and add a little at a time of the organic ketchup (not tomato sauce) like you are making tuna salad. Add just enough to bind the mackerel together. Now place cut a piece of the TJs Euro style bread and add mackerel mixture to each slice. Add a small amount of organic mayonnaise on top and snip some chives for decoration and added flavor.
    May TJs always carry this product!

  13. KMG4

    The problem is that Sunflower oil is a seed oil, which is very bad for you.
    If they packed this in olive oil, it would be healthy. But sunflower oil is a bigger negative than eating the mackerel is a positive.

  14. Anonymous

    one fo the cleanest fishes in the sea!

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