Trader Joe’s Sliced Fresh Watermelon Spears Reviews

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10 reviews for Trader Joe’s Sliced Fresh Watermelon Spears Reviews

  1. Cathy Ferro

    The watermelon spears always look so good, but I have yet to have a good one. They are always dry, hard, and not juicy at all.

    Always a dissapointment :(. I keep buying them in hopes that this time they will be different. I really need to stop wasting my money.

  2. Idrissa Gamby

    This has to change. The watermelon is too hard to even bite into or even chew. Horrible.

  3. David Boxton

    I don’t know what those things are made of, but they are definitely something produced in a lab. Get rid of that junk. They only look sweet and ripe, but when you bite into one, it tastes like a sweetened white potato. It is not a natural food, and I don’t care what anyone says. I grew up watermelon harvesters and drivers. VERY DISSAPOINTED that TJ’s is trying shove those off as something good

  4. jack jonas

    very hard, all the time, it is like beef jerky,
    watermelons are supposed to be sweet and crispy not hard

  5. Deann

    The best watermelon ever!!! Some are a little sweeter than others, but honestly I buy 3 packages at a time!! It’s really the only way I buy watermelon!!! Thank you TJ for this summer treat!!!!

  6. jack

    watermelons sliced super hard why?????????????????

  7. amy


  8. Geno

    I have been encountering this for about 4 years now. I always get tricked because I get a great package for about 2 weeks out of the summer. Any time before and especially after it taste like some type of genetically modified garbage or something that has been frozen for a year and then sold to customers.

    I Love Trader Joe’s and this would really put it over the top for me considering watermelon is one of my favorite things. They really need to adress this issue and the overall quality of their fruit items in general.

  9. Jim

    Second time I have had these…EXTREMELY unusual texture and taste. (Nothing close to watermelon).Possibly engineered? Dense texture with a cross taste between a carrot and a radish.

  10. BurtnEarnie

    I’ve had this a number of times and didn’t focus too much on it, but this batch today is super crunchy and drove to to the internet to query — why is TJ watermelon so crunchy? Which I was going to follow up with, is it GMO? It’s definitely NOT like the watermelon the guys sell around the neighborhood here. Age old tradition that the growers will come to Harlem and sell on the streets. COMPLETELY different animal. I think I’m done with TJ watermelon spears.

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