Trader Joe’s Shiitake Mushroom Chicken Reviews

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12 reviews for Trader Joe’s Shiitake Mushroom Chicken Reviews

  1. Susan

    Don’t do it…
    There are SO MANY tasty frozen choices at Trader Joe’s, don’t pick this one… The chicken is not good, the green beans are bland and a weird texture…
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  2. Ann

    Don’t waste your money! Sauce is good, veggies were decent, but the chicken… I hesitate to label it disgusting, but I will…it’s absolutely disgusting. Just a bunch of pieces of dark meat chicken with lots of skin and cartilage attached. It was difficult to find a piece of chicken that I didn’t have to dissect before eating. It was truly pet food quality. Dumped into trash and will never buy again!

  3. Melvyn M. Sobel

    I bought two bags, just in case I loved it. Well, I made the concoction last night and ate 1/3 of it. The chicken tasted completely artificial— like watery, compressed cardboard. The mushrooms were rubbery and oddly-flavored. I was surprised; I’ve never had a problem with TJ products. Unfortunately, I woke at 4 a.m. with “the trots.” My guts were telling me something I obviously was slow to grasp. I returned the other package today.

  4. carolyn moxness

    horrible inedible stringy green beans

    zero stars

  5. Johanna marsh

    My husband and myself do not live close to a Trader Joes. We recently went to the closest one and picked up the shiitake mushroom chicken. Maybe since these reviews were made changes were made to this product. We both thoroughly enjoyed our dinner. We did add soy sauce. We also had home made baked french fries and beets and cucumbers. We contemplated having brown rice with this. I only googled it because we liked it so much i was looking to see if i can buy this product closer to our residence.

  6. Anonymous

    The thing that disturbs me the most is that I can not find a place on their website that says “this is fully cooked chicken”

  7. Samantha

    Mushrooms tasted horrible, had to spit them out. Haven’t had a problem with other TJ meals.

  8. Blakeley Koziol

    I love to cook, I’m by no means a master chef or anything. I buy TJ’s frozen meals for those days I don’t feel like cooking. Usually the quality of the meals is better than any regular grocery. This meal? The nastiest frozen meal I have ever had. I gagged through the first couple bites. The chicken is such low quality that I wouldn’t even feed it to my dog. The green beans are soggy frozen food quality, and the mushrooms are squishy. I ended up eating all the edamame and threw the rest away. Not worth it, there are SO many other options that are better.
    This was my first negative experience with TJ’s foods and it makes me sad to have to write this.

  9. terilee

    NO. Vegetables were OK, sauce OK, added hot pepper flakes. Chicken disgusting: randomly chopped chicken with cartilage, tendons, and fat part of just about every piece. Got a couple bites by picking thru pieces and tearing away from connective tissue, most to trash.

  10. BeeMo

    I have to admit, the chicken is certainly a bit scrappy, but by no means inedible. Reminds me exactly of Chinese takeout chicken. Don’t exactly like the thought of microwaving my veggies in a bag and microwaving the chicken w plastic wrap over it but, all things considered it’s an easy meal that switches things up in the kitchen. I add rice or pasta and also add extra fresh veggies and it’s a fantastic, easy dish!

  11. Judy W

    We used to love Trader Joe’s, but don’t live near one now. When able to go to one, chose this dish to try. WHAT A MISTAKE. The chicken is fatty, grisly, and barely edible. Add WAY too much salt, and you have this dish. If this is representative of current Trader Joe’s food, we won’t be looking for one again. If a zero star rating was an option, that’s what I would choose.

  12. flyfisher11

    loved it!! delicious healthy choice if you wanna have foods easy and ready to go. of course its not gonan be as tasty as some of their other fried meats frozen meals but its good and low cal!

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