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1 review for Trader Joe’s Shaved Beef Steak Reviews

  1. Thomas J. Busse

    I bought the shaved beef steak thinking I could make a Japanese gyoudon (beef bowl), but the steak ended up tasting like my grandmother’s cube steak. They don’t say the cut they are using on the packaging, but it seems like it’s a really cheap cut like Top Round, which gives an unsatisfactory flavor. There’s not much you can do with Top Round other than chicken fried cube steak, so I can’t say that shaving it gives much more opportunity. Online, reviewers are saying this is an excellent philly cheese steak, but I disagree because there are better cuts of meat – in fact, at TJ’s you can use the cold sliced roast beef for a superior cheesesteak. Not sure there is a clear use for TJ’s shaved steak.

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