Trader Joe’s Shade-Grown Ground Espresso Blend Reviews

(9 customer reviews)


9 reviews for Trader Joe’s Shade-Grown Ground Espresso Blend Reviews

  1. Sue Regan

    Great coffee. Nice espresso grind. Dont need too much to make a good hearty morning coffee.

  2. Franck

    Best coffee ever! strong or mild, taste like at the bistro in Paris.

  3. Robert

    Rich, full-bodied and terrific at any strength!

  4. Charles Herold

    The best of the TJ ground coffee’s I’ve tried, with a nice, vaguely chocolate-y flavor.

  5. Jamie

    This is our household go to. The grind is perfect for our espresso machine, and the flavor is perfect.

  6. Jim

    Love the coffee. My only complaint is the packaging. Why is it so difficult to open the package and access the coffee?

  7. Mark Pringle

    I’m hesitant to review this because I don’t want more people buying it because it’s getting harder to find. It’s great; dark, bold, and the perfect ground for espresso machines.

  8. Megan

    Literally, the BEST espresso I have ever purchased! I am obsessed! <3

  9. Theresa

    So so good. Use it to make cold brew espresso, let it sit for more than a day, taste like chocolate!

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