Trader Joe’s Seville Orange Marmalade Reviews

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14 reviews for Trader Joe’s Seville Orange Marmalade Reviews

  1. Phil Hanna

    It is really great, the taste and texture of orange peels is better than most of the marmalade jams I have tried.

  2. Gloria Lyon

    We love it and would never go back to another brand! It’s one of the main reasons we shop at Trader Joe’s.

  3. Scarlett

    I found it to be basically inedible, the taste of the orange peel is very strong. I am not a picky eater by any means and have no problem with bitter tastes etc.. , maybe there is a way for this ingredient to be used in a recipe that I’m not familiar with. I really can’t imagine how this could positively contribute to any meal or dessert though.

    I would not recommend this product.

  4. Judy

    perfect marmalade. Just like the real English marmalades. Why we shop at Trader joes.

  5. Margaret Floyd

    Best Marmalade in USA very very very sorry to see its discontinued. I loved it!

  6. Graham

    Coming from the UK , l just love marmalade . This comes close to the best there is , sadly Trader Joe’s doesn’t seem to sell enough so sadly cancelled.
    They used to sell Weetabix too, not any longer .

  7. Geraldine

    Please bring back this marmalate, I cant live without it on my toast do you have any other options for marmalade? Im so sad!

  8. julie

    PLEASE tell us the source of this marmalade in Canada. We’ve been gutted since you discontinued it, and can’t find anything that even comes close.

  9. TJ4life

    I’m with Julie, please disclose the manufacturer so we can seek them out. Better yet, #bringbackTJsavillemarmalade !!
    My toast and I can’t live without it

  10. TJ4life

    Let’s make this happen people! Finally something actually worth going viral on social media…

  11. Jacelyn

    Of all TJ’s products, why oh why have they discontinued their Seville Marmalade? 5 stars for the product, 1 star for this senseless corporate decision. Your customers are calling on you to do the right thing.

  12. david abbott fisher

    It was an excellent product – and I speak as someone who has been eating marmalades for seven decades, primarily in the UK.

  13. ann bergstrom

    I adored this marmalade. I was so sad that I can’t get it anymore. This means I have to order Cooper’s Oxford coarse cut from the UK. It’s terrible for the environment that I am clogging the international mails with marmalade requests from abroad.
    Be good to the Environment. Bring Back the Seville Orange!!!

  14. Gretchen Dolive

    This marmalade was the best I had tasted since I was a child, and that was a long time ago. Please bring back the Seville Orange marmalade!

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