Trader Joe’s Salt & Pepper Ridge Cut Potato Chips Reviews

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25 reviews for Trader Joe’s Salt & Pepper Ridge Cut Potato Chips Reviews

  1. Sean

    I wouldn’t say these are bad, but the pepper is a little too overwhelming. It doesn’t seem to blend well with the salt to produce a good overall “salt & pepper” flavor like I would have hoped.

  2. David

    Best potato chips I’ve ever had. Very crisp, flavorful, not at all greasy.

  3. Bobby Boy

    Are you kidding me these are the best potato chips I’ve ever had. I eat so many of these I’ll probably have a heart attack. They are awesome.

  4. Caitlin

    So good. Thick, crunchy, and peppery!

  5. Carrie

    Our favorite potato chips! They’re soooo addictive.

  6. MC

    Why do these almost have a lemony taste to them?

  7. Oliver

    I love these chips! They are spiced perfectly and are thick and crunchy.

  8. Layla

    Get ready to eat the entire bag once you open it. These are so good!!!

  9. Layla

    Get ready to eat the entire bag once you open it.

  10. Gary

    i used to love these but they must’ve change vendors because now they kind of suck.

  11. Robbye Langenfeld

    Yup, Gary is correct. TJ’s really messed up these fabulous chips. They are now thinner, stick together & have lost that spectacular “bite”. Whatta shame!!!

  12. Shopper

    i rarely see these in the stores at all. Likewise, Kettle brand comparable S&P item seems harder to find at other non TJ’s stores. Anyone else notice this?

  13. Tim

    These chips used to be great but now they have no pepper and are basically just regular chips.

  14. Ruth E.

    Where are the salt and pepper ridged potato chips?? Store employees do not have an answer when asked.

  15. Craig

    Something has changed – they seem oilier now, and the amount of pepper seems reduced. Too bad – I loved these chips.

  16. Sjg

    Got some chips today. Fire.

  17. Chip Lover

    A fave for years. Hard to find 2021-2022. Finally in stock, but my recent 2 bags were poor quality. Chiefly, all of the chips were the size of a quarter and doubled over from frying. Like little conch shell chips. The overall taste was about the same- but with less pepper. I’m going to return these bags and get crackers.

  18. Foodie

    The pepper gives these chips a nice kick! I can’t stop eating them

  19. Sean

    Too much salt and way too much pepper. Very dissapoined, I can only eat a few at a time before I have to put them away! You would think Trader Joes would add a little less salt and a lot less pepper to make them enjoyable to wolf down half a bag at a time to make more profits! Someone is dropping thje ball big time with the salt and pepper ratio in these chips!!!! Don’t pay any attention to those who say they love them, those are fabricated reviews.

  20. Namor

    I stopped at four stars because I am not sure they aren’t “peppered” with some addictive substance ;-).
    I am a different person when eating these. I say, “OK, I will just eat a few.” I get out a small dessert bowl and fill it up and say, “OK, I’ll just eat these, tonight”. Four or five bowls later, I say, ” What happened?!” Tomorrow I am throwing the half-bag that is left. Being out of control like that is not comfortable. Out of sight, out of mind (and away from the taste buds). I will miss you . . . until my wife brings home another bag!

  21. Why

    They changed the previous healthier expeller pressed oil to unhealthy regular oil. Also taste bland now. Shame.

  22. McChip

    Amazing chips!
    Thicc, juicy, flavorful, not overpowering. Great blend, good crunch, 10/10.

  23. KH

    I used to love these salt and pepper chips, but today was the first time I bought them since the supplier changed, and they have a lot less pepper now. The chips are also smaller and oilier. I’m quite disappointed, especially since the price is double what it was before.

  24. Diz

    Over the past couple of years I’m not sure if they changed who produces them, but the chips are much smaller now and do not have as much crunch. They use to be my favorite but now I’m going to stop buying due to this issue,

  25. Amy S

    A bunch of broken chips with small bite size pieces. Greasy and tasteless. Yuck! Don’t waste your money.

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