Trader Joe’s Salsa Especial Mild Reviews

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12 reviews for Trader Joe’s Salsa Especial Mild Reviews

  1. B

    This salsa is really bad. It tastes like marinara sauce. Not worth the money. I took one bite and could not eat any more. I want a little kick from mild salsa not something I can put on my spaghetti.

  2. Caroline in Cambridge

    Taste like canned tomato sauce with a kick. This would be better as a pizza base than a dipping salsa. Please change it!!

  3. Mark

    Way too much oregano. Would be great without it!

  4. Dan

    Wrong tomatoes and oregano does not belong in salsa

  5. Greg

    Horrendous. Embarrassing to call this salsa. Should be a pasta sauce

  6. Jenny C

    Oregano??? Why?

  7. Anonymous

    The oregano doesn’t belong is this sauce at all. It is terrible. It overpowers the sauce.

  8. Anonymous

    I agree with the above comments. This stuff is not very good, and tastes more like a marinara sauce than a salsa.

    On a related note, did TJ’s discontinue their pico de gallo? I’ve been in a few different TJ’s recently and can’t find it anywhere. It’s bad enough that they discontinued the excellent Papaya Mango Salsa a few years ago , and now this?

  9. Stacy Leeber

    Tastes just like marinara sauce. Oregano does not belong in salsa.

  10. Anonymous

    Something has changed with this salsa! We have purchased this salsa for about well over a year and probably two years (and LOVED IT!!)and this isn’t the flavor/consistency that we first bought and LOVED. I just bought it one more time today to see if I was wrong andthought maybe there had been some mix up…Nope… won’t purchase again…Please go back to the orginal recipe or the one that TJ had used the past year or so.

  11. Doug

    Oregano??? In salsa??? My bad. I should have read the ingredients. It looks like salsa, but it tastes more like spaghetti sauce. Terrible idea to add oregano to salsa.

  12. Brody

    Hello, as an avid salsa enthusiast, I agree with all of the sentiments expressed already and would like to say I have never been more disappointed. There are a few things in life that make it, well, better. And salsa is one of them.

    But never before have I opened a container of that sweet sweet heavenly relief and been met with…drumroll please…oregano.

    Someone. Some poor soul. Decided. That oregano. Oregano. Was okay. That they could just dump it in there. And to think of that. The carelessness and ease at which that person shrugged their shoulders and said, “good enough”…that is an atrocity.

    Oregano is for Italian dishes. It is for bringing that dash of Italian love into something that you would never eat chips and salsa with…and today. Behold. Oregano in salsa.

    If Trader Joe’s wants to make the world a better place, all the people ask is that their salsas be salsas. And their marinaras be marinaras.

    There is still time to fix this mistake though…just slap a marinara label on it and you’re golden.

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