Trader Joe’s Tarte Aux Fruits Mixed Berry Tarte Reviews

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33 reviews for Trader Joe’s Tarte Aux Fruits Mixed Berry Tarte Reviews

  1. banko

    so disappointed
    not tasty enough

  2. andrea

    I agree. this berry tart is a disaster, the crust is soggy with mashed fruits.

  3. woltas

    More expensive than RASPBERRY tart for a poor result.
    All fruits on a side and bitter currants

  4. Gabby

    As per usual for Trader Joe’s, very tasty. The shortbread used for the tart crust is excellent as always and it had a very nice blend of fruits. Very short shelf life once thawed, definitely eat as soon as it’s no longer frozen.

  5. Sean Jewett

    The best pie ever offered by Trader Joe’s. Even better than the lime pie

  6. Jonathan

    I kept it frozen until Thanksgiving morning, defrosted it in my refrigerator for eight hours, then served it without heating; delectable! Through the weekend, I refrigerated and served the remaining portions; delicious!

  7. regine

    the pastry was very soggy after being defrosted. fruits were good but very watery.
    not as good as usual TJ’s desserts

  8. woltas

    Not good enough. I dont understand why trader joes replaced raspberry tart by this one The pastry is soggy after defrosting and I dont like redcurrants in the fruit medley .

  9. andrew leighton

    Poor dessert compared to others in frozen at trader joe’s

  10. WES

    Brought it to a dinner party last night. EVERYONE loved it.
    We kept it frozen until 4 hours before we ate it. Let it defrost in the frige for 3 hours and then at room temp for 1. Worked out great for us

  11. Jes

    DELICIOUS !!!!!!! Best dessert from TJ ! I added whipped cream and could not stop eating it !! Yum !!!!!

  12. Abbey

    Soooooo good!!!! The entire family loved it. We are definitely getting this again. So fresh tasting and a wonderful mix of berries.

  13. Charlie Leocha

    Please bring back out raspberry tarte! This is not even half as good.

  14. A in Chicago

    I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY miss the raspberry tarte. Will have to search for a new dessert. The new Tarte Aux Fruits is awful!

  15. Fake Name

    I like this but would LOVE to have tried the famous raspberry tarte. 🙁

  16. Mr Nobody

    Look, it ain’t a genuine fresh French tart but for a frozen treat from a chain it’s great.

    It’s not soggy, it’s sweet, tart and fruity with a lovely buttery pastry. It was just as good the second day after a night in the fridge.

  17. Carlie

    Love this it is so good would love recipe. We buy it every week

  18. Bonnie

    Lovely dessert for a ladies card group. Defrosted 5 hours in fridge and served with whipped cream. Everyone loved the light crust and the berry taste! I definitely will serve this again.

  19. Margie

    Bring back the Trader Joe’s raspberry tart! This mixed berry tart can’t even compare. It’s soggy and won’t hold up at all. No one wanted this mixed berry tart & I had to throw it out with the uneaten portions on plates. Such a disappointment!!

  20. Sara Green

    !!! Nothing like the original Raspberry Tart, not even close. the Original rates a 10 with crispy thin pastry crust, slight layer of custard and juicy berries.
    THIS abomination is slushy, runny, soggy pastry. After attempting to serve this miserable substitute with the sloppy sponge (not pastry) collapsing, I was forced to scrape the inferior fruit ingredients off the soggy bit and serve with ice-cream as a compote. Horrid. another reviewer commented that this new version is even more expensive!
    The original was always piled in the freezer as my go-to dessert BUT only buying this new version ONCE. Never again.

  21. Bernadette

    I loved it! Not too sweet. Tastes wonderful with vanilla ice cream which ends up being the sweeter of the two.

  22. Jon

    Bring the raspberry tart and the pear tart back !!! Best tarts ever !! Why is it gone?

  23. David Paris

    Tasted good, but look unappetizing. Where is the custard? Would not buy this again and really question the decision by TJ to sell it in the first place. Please bring back the Raspberry Tart.

  24. tatiana

    love it! not sweet, light, fresh- perfection!

  25. Jean

    Please bring back the Raspberry tart
    The mixed berry tart does not compare! Such a disappointment.

  26. TartyTina

    This was great and I loved the red currants. Mine looked perfect and it’s something I could serve guests for dinner. The only thing it lacks is a sweet cream filling.

  27. Judy Kem

    Please bring back the raspberry tart. This one is awful!

  28. Mary

    I love this tart and it was a hit when I took it to a potluck. Thank you!

  29. Daryl Souza

    The best pie evah!! Unfortunately they don’t sell it anymore 🙁

  30. Bill

    Bring it back !! They’re crack I need em

  31. Lenlen

    Loved this tart! Please, please, bring it back.

  32. Lenlen

    Loved this tart! I can’t find it in the store . I wish you’d sell it again.

  33. ItsMe

    This was delicious but they dont sell it anymore-And why does everyone say its soggy?It was perfectly fine.

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