Trader Joe’s Ripe Medium Pitted Green Olives Reviews

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3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Ripe Medium Pitted Green Olives Reviews

  1. JNO

    I love these olives and they are delicious – not too salty and definitely, there is no metalic taste like Lindsay black pitted olives. As a child I would eat olives like candy. When I tried Trader Joe’s Green Medium Pitted olives, it was the taste I remembered as a child.

    I intend to give these out as Christmas gifts to people enjoy olives as I do!

  2. EL

    Bought today thinking I purchased medium black olives but , after opening can and tasting an olive I liked the taste, not salty just good tasting. Other green olives have strong taste and texture. Will continue to buy this product and stick to the KALAMATA black olives in olive oil for the choice of black olives.

  3. Jo

    There is no taste to these olives. They also all have brown spots on them. I would not buy again.

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