Trader Joe’s Refrigerated Chicken Tikka Masala Reviews

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5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Refrigerated Chicken Tikka Masala Reviews

  1. Kahlee

    Expensive and not as good as the TJ’s frozen chicken tikka masala.

  2. Wes

    Surprisingly good, this does taste like a real Indian restaurant take-out meal. It was better than I expected – the chicken in this one was a lot more tender than the type used in the Trader Joe’s frozen version of chicken tikka masala.

    The one aspect of taste that I would say that makes the frozen version slightly better is the flavor — the flavor in the frozen chicken tikka masala is actually more mouthwatering. However, the chicken in that one can be pretty tough.

    This is also several dollars more expensive than the frozen version (though it does have a bigger portion).

  3. Kai

    Not worth the buy!

    I was excited to try this as another customer had it in hand while I was shopping, and said it was good.

    Unfortunately, no. The flavor is very off- taste a bit like barbecue sauce. I prefer the frozen chicken tikka masala for sure. I had to add my own seasonings to make this digestible.

  4. Janet

    We love this version, though it seems like one container is too small for two servings. Not fond of any frozen meals, so I do have a built in prejudice.

  5. Chase

    I like this version because it is a little less spicy than the frozen version. I like to break the few pieces of large chicken up while heating it in a skillet. It pairs well with the Naan or the other round Indian bread they sell. If I am VERY hungry it makes one meal.

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