Trader Joe’s Refried Black Beans With Jalapeño Peppers Reviews

(9 customer reviews)

9 reviews for Trader Joe’s Refried Black Beans With Jalapeño Peppers Reviews

  1. Didi H

    These are…meh. But honestly, what do you expect from canned re fried beans?

  2. Karen Lucas

    Love this product !!! great tast. Low fat food. Use them all the time

  3. Shari

    We love these! Best refried beans, hands down. Please don’t discontinue.

  4. Becca

    These are the best – better than any other brand I’ve tried. Another plea to please not discontinue!

  5. Liz

    My husband ate these EVERY morning with his breakfast taco. He loves them. Did they get discontinued? I hope not!

  6. Vicki

    Best refried beans ever Please don’t discontinueI!

  7. M Kane

    Come on man. Discontinuing these beans. These were a pretty handy pantry staple.

    One less reason to go to TJs.

  8. Ray

    Refried Black Beans with Jalapeno Peppers, where are they now? The only reason I was going to the store was once every month or two I would stop and pick up a load of these and a few impulse buys when I was in SLC. One more try and then I will not bother going out of my way during my monthly SLC trip.

  9. k l

    I have been looking for this product for months. Store personnel had no answer. Are they really discontinued ?????

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