Trader Joe’s Ratatouille Bites Reviews

(13 customer reviews)

Traditional ratatouille ingredients coated in panko breadcrumbs and fried.


13 reviews for Trader Joe’s Ratatouille Bites Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    pretty bad

  2. Myah

    Tjs crew member, luv these !

  3. Anonymous

    Fried mush. No flavor. Awful!

  4. Anonymous


  5. Anonymous

    Not sure what someone else is talking about, tons of flavor!!

  6. Anonymous

    We lovvvved these! Crispy and seasoned perfect!

  7. Rocky

    Super yummy! Pop them in the air fryer and use marinara as a dipping sauce for added flavor

  8. Rocky

    Super yummy! Pop them in the air fryer and use marinara as a dipping sauce for added flavor

  9. Dottie Gray

    Quite delicious, and our vegan family members enjoyed them a lot!

  10. Mo Case

    We really wanted to love these ratatouille bites – unfortunately we did not. We have been making homemade ratatouille for years and thought that these would be fun and easy – plus we usually love the items we purchase from Trader Joe’s, but these were sooooo disappointing. We thought that they lacked flavor and were just a mush of veggies inside? Even the crunchy exterior could not save them. We actually purchased 4 boxes because our expectations were high. Mistake. Oooops! We did give the other 3 boxes away after explaining our experience and thoughts, but people wanted to try them, and we don’t blame them – maybe their opinions will be completely different from ours. If you have never had really authentic ratatouille we think that this may be a fun food to try, but we will never purchase them again ourselves. Great idea, poor execution in our opinion.

  11. Anonymous

    The crispy outside was pretty good. The veggies inside tasted pretty bland. Definitely use the air fryer for these

  12. Holly

    These far exceeded my expectations. We put a few in the air fryer and they were nice and crispy on the outside and full of flavor on the inside. You could taste all of the different veggies and it was well seasoned. Will definitely purchase these again.

  13. Vanessa

    Eggplant texture isn’t great. I love a good eggplant parm. Very garlicky. Had high hopes as I enjoy ratatouille but these were a flop.

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