Trader Joe’s Cod Provencale with Ratatouille & Rice Reviews

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9 reviews for Trader Joe’s Cod Provencale with Ratatouille & Rice Reviews

  1. Polly

    A whole other level of microwave dinner. The cod, brown rice, and eggplant/tomato ratatouille go so well together. The cod gets a little rubbery in the microwave, but for the price and convenience, I can’t complain. I even bit into a sprig of rosemary. When’s the last time that’s happened with a microwave dinner?

  2. Caitlin

    Totally delicious. Much better than your typical heat-and-eat fare. The ratatouille is particularly good!

  3. Julie

    Pretty good for a microwave dinner! Fish wasn’t fishy at all as I feared it would be. Great price for a quick, decent, inexpensive meal.

  4. Steffie

    It’s my absolute most favorite go to frozen meal when I want something quick. The whole thing is delicious, inexpensive and quite healthy I must say, with only 400 calories and relatively low in sodium. Cod was not pre-cooked and has excellent flavor and never rubbery or fishy. I like my food spicy, topping it with some sriracha sauce. Oh-Yum-mo! I eat it for lunch often. It’s very satisfying and I have it stocked in my freezer at all times! LOL
    Especially love the eggplant in there. 10 out of 10 for me!

  5. Silvia

    Looking for expiration date on package…. what does 16308 02:37 mean?

  6. T

    SO good! Maybe the best frozen meal I’ve had.

  7. Wendy Anthos

    I found it delicious. It is a keeper like so many other Trader Joe frozen meals. Husband loved it too. Price is unbelievable too.



  9. Dan

    Love that it is not too high in sodium. The current version has @540 grams of sodium.

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