Trader Joe’s Raclette Sliced Cheese Reviews

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9 reviews for Trader Joe’s Raclette Sliced Cheese Reviews

  1. Cara Brancoli

    Please stock this item year round. It would sell. It sells out every holiday season, but people make raclette all year round.

  2. Chris

    Agreed. Please stock Raclette year round. Thanks.

  3. Chris F

    Same comment as above. Raclette is almost all year round (little less in summer).

  4. Ellen

    Melts beautifully but has the most bitter taste we have ever experienced in a cheese. I grew up in a wine & cheese city and love cheese, including swiss. I tried this one multiple ways & barely tolerated it covered with mozzarella on eggs. It ruined everything else.

  5. Maria

    Best value in raclette out there… please bring it back to your assortment… so delicious! I like it paired with pears and apples very thinly sliced. We do green onion on top… mushrooms, salami… cut a little bit of the fatty flavor with cornichons (another great value product,) I can’t wait until it returns!

  6. Al

    A little greasy but the best out there
    Should be available all autumn and winter

  7. Lise

    Yes! Make this a year-round item, please!

  8. Val

    We need it all year round please! Reminds me of home and the whole family adores it.

  9. Stacia Studt

    Please start selling raclette throughout the year (or at least fall through winter months!). It’s hard to find and raclette is eaten beyond the month of December.

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