Trader Joe’s Quiche Lorraine Reviews

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14 reviews for Trader Joe’s Quiche Lorraine Reviews

  1. Dana

    So tasty

  2. Bee allen

    Tasteless. No cheese flavor. Dense and tasteless would not purchase.

  3. Gitta Brown

    As a regular TJ customer I’m actually shocked to experience such a dismal product. The crust was chewy and there was ONE tiny piece of gristle- not sure if it was ham – in the entire quiche! We think that TJ should stop making and selling this very disappointing and not up to their standards mess! Needless to say we’ll never buy another quiche from them again.

  4. Anonymous

    One of my favorite breakfast choices from Trader Joe’s!

  5. Melanie

    It was awful

  6. Robert Walsh

    This quiche was a big disappointment. I usually love Trader Joe’s prepared foods. This was tasteless and perfectly awful. Hardly any hint of cheese. Certainly not like homemade quiche nor like Citarela’s which is delicious. I won’t buy it again from Trader Joe’s unless they redo their receipe.

  7. Robert Walsh

    4 out of 6 of us truly HATED this quiche and I bet like me they really like Trader Joe’s food most of the time. This one belongs in the “Better Luck Next Time” . It is truly awful.

  8. David

    Just okay. I would not buy again.

  9. Kim

    Gave it a 2 stars for the texture only. Otherwise I was surprised at how bland and tasteless this is. I usually love TJ frozen items but this was a big miss.

  10. Robert Walsh

    It was disgusting and had none of the light creamy filling of a good quiche. I’ll stick with Citarela’s even though it is twice the price.

  11. Lisa k

    Horrible. Horrible. My dogs liked it.

  12. Anonymous

    This cannot be called a quiche. Spongy eggs. Disappointing.

  13. Kechia

    This does not deserve 1 star. This was the worst quiche ever. The crust was good but the feeling was so bad it made the crust taste bad. It left a bad taste in my mouth. The dish was breaded what happened to the cream milk eggs and cheese onions meat. I tasted breadcrumbs only. People make your own and freeze them

  14. C Holkand

    Oh, so disappointing. It’s just Awful. Wish I had read a few reviews before buying it. My husband will be home soon and I will NOT be serving this – it’s going in the trash.

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