Trader Joe’s Pork Rib Bites Reviews

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with BBQ Sauce.


2 reviews for Trader Joe’s Pork Rib Bites Reviews

  1. Kaaren Petersen

    Wow- they were SO bad I was shocked. First of all these ‘bites’ were reported to serve two- I’m not a big eater, but there would have barely been enough for me had they been edible! They came in
    a vacuum sealed package in a ton of really funky sweet sauce. Instructions were to bake for 15-20 min covered, then uncovered for 2-3- and baste w/sauce. As it was I tried to scrape off sauce before I baked them- but that didn’t really help. I took them out and put a small piece of meat that was loose in my mouth- it was SO dry and chewy that I spit it out. The bigger pieces still didn’t look cooked so I scraped some more sauce off and put them under the broiler for a few minutes. There was no point, they were dry while at the same time fatty. I’m really surprised- TJ’s rarely disappoints.

  2. Nisanda Albaugh

    I have more of a problem with the packaging and directions than I did with the quality of the ribs and the sauce. It doesn’t say whether or not to defrost them before cooking. It simply says to “remove from packaging”, reserve sauce & place in a single layer on baking sheet, etc. None of that is possible when frozen. Even when unfrozen it’s impossible to baste with sauce since the ribs are covered with it already. It feels like the person(s) that wrote the directions had never prepared the ribs. I would have preferred to have the sauce in a separate bag so I could use the amount of sauce that I preferred. This time I had to try to scrape the sauce off which was quite a mess. I will try them one more time by defrosting the ribs first, but that still doesn’t solve the issue of the sauce. Thanks for making reviews possible.

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