Trader Joe’s Porcini Mushroom & Truffle Triangoli Reviews

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Ravioli stuffed with a Porcini mushroom and truffle filling.


23 reviews for Trader Joe’s Porcini Mushroom & Truffle Triangoli Reviews

  1. Sherri

    I don’t know if there was something wrong with this batch, but I’m still trying to get the putrid taste of these out of my mouth after having a few for dinner last night. It’s a lingering metallic taste like DMSO or like canned peas that have been boiled for an hour. My sweetie put the ones we didn’t eat into the fridge and this morning I opened it up and was overwhelmed with the awfulness. Seriously. I’ve had and enjoy truffles, but this flavor was nothing like them.

  2. Shatz

    Not sure of the taste that Sherri experienced, but most of the ravioli pieces contain no filling at all, while others had a small amount it each. Mostly just carbohydrate!

  3. Nate

    Big kids canned raviolis with a little spicy tuscan tomato sauce made me smile and the pack filled me up. I like the mushroom flavor.. I don’t pickup truffle flavor too much for whatever reason. I did also throw a little parmesan with the sauce.

  4. JB

    I absolutely love truffle so I knew these would not disappoint and I was right. I sautéed garlic in a little olive oil, added 1/2 cup of half & half, a sprinkle of nutmeg and brought it to a boil then added some Parmesan cheese and poured it over the pasta. It was delish!

  5. Thomas Baldovin

    Very disappointing to my whole family. Tasted neither mushrooms nor truffles. Mostly salt and garlic.

  6. Matt Herold

    I’m not sure why so many reviewers don’t like these. These are one of my hall of famers, always some in my fridge. They last a long time in the fridge also.
    I really like “JB’s” approach. I always boil them and then stir in truffle olive oil, a bit of brown truffle butter, a couple pinches of truffle salt, a bit of the truffle paste (TJ’s of course) and a dash of fresh pepper. Stir well and it is, to me, as tasty as a $35 plate of truffle ravioli you’d find in a good restaurant.
    Maybe I’m crazy, I know my truffle heavy approach wouldn’t be liked but a lot of people, but if you like truffles It is truly a truffle sensation. Without the sticker shock.

  7. MK

    These were actually disgusting. Do not recommend at all. Seriously regretting buying these—even pesto didn’t make them taste better.

  8. K

    Honestly do not recommend. I had high hopes, but they do not taste good. They have a weird flavor, and I made a cheese sauce with it, and even that didn’t help.

  9. Renee Evans

    Outstanding! Topped with a little browned butter and crispy sage leaves with Grilled Italian sausage on the side. Earthy, delicious mushroom flavor and tender delicate pasta. Can’t understand why there are so many negative comments?

  10. Abby

    I literally looked up reviews after eating these for dinner to confirm that I wasn’t the only one who found them disgusting. When I opened the container I was immediately like these smell…off but hoped it wouldn’t be like that once cooked. I don’t think they taste like truffles at all, really bad flavor. Didn’t even finish my bowl.

  11. Jay G

    Upon opening the package I was taken aback by the putrid smell of these. I had actually googled to check if this was normal. Apparently these ravioli’s have a disgusting smell to many buyers so offputting they don’t eat. My husband said all mushrooms smell like trash (he is not a fan of the fungi lol). Anywho, I made them and gave benefit of the doubt but once in the bowl, it was like smelling steamed dirty diaper with a little anchovy for fun mixed in. I added butter and parm, and nothing could dissapate the smell of The Walking Dead on my plate. I even forced a ravioli down. The taste was like a thin ravioli with some cheap cut up mushroom inside with a hint of old truffle in a rubber pasta. It was absolutely vile. I threw it out. I may be biased. Our italian family makes ravioli from scratch. But I can get down with Mama Mia’s frozen rav’s at Stop n Shop. These??? No thank you. I will update if I end up with cordyceps….Stay away!

  12. QTcook

    Absolutely delicious, steamed in a pan and served with brown butter and dill. Top with freshly grated parmesan

  13. Hmm

    These were so gross tasting. I had leftovers that I ended up throwing out because the smell of garlic and salty taste was putrid! A big NO for me!

  14. G. Otis

    This is one of my family’s favorite products fromTJs. We only use this in a delicious soup we make with onion, garlic, shiitake mushrooms, veg broth and kale. Served with Parmesan sprinkled on top, it is a staple for us. Fabulous!

  15. Mike

    Like others, I again only looked this up to see if I wasn’t crazy. It’s the third time I’ve tried it. I love mushrooms, and love truffles, but this pasta is really just disgusting. I’m sure if you mask it with enough other stuff you can get it down like some other reviewers, but high end food it is not. I think this is one of the absolute worst items of every TJ branded product I’ve ever had.

  16. Debbie

    I’m obsessed! Really thrown by the negative comments here since all I have ever heard about was how great they were. Porcini mushrooms are my favorite so maybe that’s the issue with others??

  17. Anonymous

    Yummy. But, salty.
    Served with butter, sage, white wine, black pepper sauce. Will but again.

  18. Anonymous

    The porcini taste is delicious!

  19. Anonymous

    All salt. So much salt.

  20. Seven Welch

    Really love these! Added the Trader Joe Pesto sauce and they are a dinner hit! They cook super fast too, so you get a gourmet dinner in a few minutes.

  21. Jane

    So salty I couldn’t eat it. Just awful.

  22. Kim

    Absolutely incredible, I boil and add a little Rao’s marinara. Delicious. I’d say by the reviews you either love or hate the flavor of truffle…kinda like cilantro.

  23. Jen

    I love mushrooms and truffles. Taste and smell really off. I actually had to Google reviews to see if I might have food poisoning.

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