Trader Joe’s Pink Pomelo Grapefruit Hand Soap Reviews

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6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Pink Pomelo Grapefruit Hand Soap Reviews

  1. Fvqoh

    We recently picked up three liquid soaps: Pink Pomelo Grapefruit Soap, Lemon Soap, and Lavender Chamomile Soap. Everyone in this house LOVES the Grapefruit soap. The scent is wonderful without being overpowering. The consistency is perfect, not too thick, not too thin. The Lemon scent is ok, but pales in comparison to the Grapefruit. We like the Lavender Chamomile the least, which seems more liquidy than the other two.

  2. Adrian

    I was recently at a friends house when I went to wash my hands with this soap. I instantly became a fan of this beautiful soap! I had to get my hands on it and so happy I did. I have 1 in the kitchen, and another in my bathroom. I used to buy Jo Malone or NEST, but this is just as beautiful as a my previous high end ones. Im sticking to this soap, especially at $3.99 a bottle!

  3. Becky B

    This is a great light scent and a nice big container so it lasts longer, less plastic waste. I’m not sure if they have refills which would be good (larger containers to refill the one that sits on your counter to reduce plastic waste like big box stores have). I find it slightly more watery than other brands and the spout is a little drippy but overall really nice.

  4. K schultze

    Great scent, great soap. In my bathrooms and kitchen.

  5. AliPants

    My favorite soap ever. Super sensitive to fragrance and this is fine for me. The smell doesn’t stick, so can wash hands and make a salad. Feels clean after washing.

  6. AliPants

    I really want to buy this in bulk, so I don’t have to use so many plastic bottles. I would love, love, love if that were possible?

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