Trader Joe’s Pink Peppermint Face & Body Mask Reviews

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27 reviews for Trader Joe’s Pink Peppermint Face & Body Mask Reviews


    My wife used this tube of nightmare this morning. The instructions says to keep it on for 10 to 15 minutes. She only lasted 5 minutes. It has burned her face. She doesn’t have sensitive skin either.

  2. Katy

    I have sensitive skin and had no issues with it. Used it for the first time today so I can’t speak to how it helps long term, but it felt refreshing, wiped off easily, and left me with a nice clean surface for nightly serum and moisturizer.

  3. Mariana (Mia)

    This mask feels so good and refreshing on the skin. It has a cooling effect and gave me a nice tingle. The scent is very subtle, I thought it was going to be an overbearing peppermint scent, but it was actually well balanced between mint and ever so gentle clean floral essence. After a long day at work, I wanted to treat myself to a little facial and this was exactly what I needed. I am going to go back tomorrow to buy three more for my friends as Christmas gifts

  4. Monica

    Bought this yesterday. Tried it tonight. I like the scent. Not too strong. As it was drying it felt like it was tightening. Skin feels smooth. Would buy again.

  5. JT

    This seriously irritated my wife’s skin after only 5 minutes of use, and she has visibly red and irritated skin an hour later. Seems like the opposite result of what was promised.

  6. Sarah

    Yikes! Left it on for only 10 minutes and it looks like my face got sunburned. Still red 40mins later. Peppermint usually makes my skin tingle so I thought it felt normal, but nope it actually burned my skin. Don’t buy!

  7. Kat

    This burned my skin. I have an olive complexion with oily skin. Nothing hurts my skin. But this mask did!

  8. Debbie Shea

    My daughter & I both tried it with horrible results. Both of us got burned itchy faces after less than 5 minutes.

  9. Debbie

    Gave this to my daughter for Christmas. It burned her face after only 5 minutes. She was so red & itchy she had to take an antihistamine. I tried it this evening and it was awful. After less than 5 minutes my face was bright red and feels like a bad sunburn. We have different skin types and it did the same to both of us. Will be returning to the store.

  10. Pan

    Nice and refreshing, mildly ‘cooling’ from the peppermint. I’d venture the classic Queen Helene’s mint julep mask is more potent. This mask dries quickly and has a very light exfoliant effect when rinsing. Overall, I’m happy that I treated myself and I plan to use it regularly.

  11. Andi Terblanche

    Awful!! Sometimes my skin reacts to face masks but nothing like this—my entire face is red and burning like I’ve been in the sun all day. Do NOT buy.

  12. Oli

    This contains aluminum and it burned my face. I am still waiting to see if I am gonna have a serious reaction

  13. Amber C

    My skin isn’t sensitive but this made my whole face red except of course around my eyelids and my lips lol looks like I’ve taken a nap in the sun with sunglasses on. I really hope the redness goes away soon. I have pale skin so it’s super noticeable.

  14. Melissa

    DO. NOT. BUY. If I could give zero stars, I would. Like other reviewers, this has also left me with skin looking like I have a bad sunburn, deep red and so warm to touch. I’ve used many other masks and have never had something like this happen.

  15. Suzanne

    I only had it on for 5 minutes and after removing it with warm water my face is so horribly red. I have olive skin and have never had a reaction to a mask before and have always liked TJ skin products! Not now… this was scary bad! And after having these results I jumped online to see what if it was just me but I see so many others with the same complaint. I’m returning it! ZERO stars but it made me choose one!!

  16. Jennifer

    I love the mask and the smell. I leave it on for about 10 minutes then rinsed my face with lukewarm water. Put on my sunscreen right away. Feels nice!

  17. Noname

    Never had a mask make my face red, don’t even get sunburned and I spend lots of time in sun. Do not buy this it’s no good

  18. LMP

    DO NOT BUY!! I bought 2/11/22 from Chicago Trader Joe’s and tried it today. Put on for 10 minutes and my face is burning!! I don’t have sensitive skin and have had all kinds of treatments. This is dangerous and I’m going to call the store to tell them to pull it!!!!!!! This is serious!

  19. Jennifer G.

    This burned my skin, I look like I’ve been sunburned. Applying aloe gel is helping. No other mask has ever done this to me.

  20. Lnp

    Stay away from this skin mask! I called the local Chicago Trader Joe’s and told manager that my face literally burned like a sunburn and they promised to get back to me with someone from corporate- have not heard a word and today went to Trader Joe’s and several boxes of this still on shelves! It is very dangerous for someone especially with sensitive skin!

  21. Jennifer G

    This face mask works! Yes , it does tingle and burn for a second before it cools. I left it on for 20 minutes and after wiping with a washcloth – my face did look red but the next morning my husband remarked how much my skin had improved. My blemishes were greatly reduced overnight and my skin felt so clean. My 10 year old daughter kept hers on for about 10 minutes and was a bit pink for a few minutes afterward. No major irritation.

  22. Kate Barazsu

    My 10 year old daughter and I both just tried this. We left it on for 7 minutes (says 5-10 minutes) and we both now look like we have sunburns. My face is tight and burns, hers looks red and is tight as well. We have different skin types and both have never had issues like this with any face mask. Do not buy.

  23. Sunny

    Love it, it was tighten and cooling. After 10 minutes, I washed it off with cold water. Very refreshing

  24. Mimi S.

    I wish I’d looked up reviews before buying it but it was an impulse purchase. My face is hot, red, and has a rash now after only leaving it on for five minutes. I’ve used products with mint on my face before with zero problems. This is terrible and I’m afraid it’s going to cause long last damage since it’s been hours now and I’m still red as a tomato.

  25. Sarah Lepper

    Wish I had seen these reviews before using this product. I went to use it on my T- Zone tonight while showering and rinsed it off after five minutes because my face felt like it was on fire. It has been two hours and it still looks like the area I used it on was burned. Yikes!

  26. Gus

    This is the best face mask and scrub ever. I know the peppermint tone of it makes it seasonal, but I wish Trader Joe’s offered it year round.

  27. Anonymous

    Didn’t have any problems with burning my face. Smells nice. The peppermint smell is dull. Clay tightens skin.

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