Trader Joe’s Pfeffernuse German Spice Cookies Reviews

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4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Pfeffernuse German Spice Cookies Reviews

  1. Caitlin

    Nice, dense, flavorful little spice cakes. My only complaint is that the powdered sugar covering is too hard and thick. They would be much better with a thinner layer of sugar.


    My most favorite Pfeffernüsse . Best I ever had and believe me I ate many I was born in Germany .

  3. Hilary Chumpitazi

    My whole family LOVES the Pfeffernusse cookies!! You haven’t had them since 2018, Will you be bringing them back? They would sell out a couple weeks after you got them in so I would buy 7 boxes to last us thru the holidays.
    Please bring them back!

  4. Tom

    The powdered sugar covering is just the right hard and thick. They wouldn’t be “Pepper Nuts” if they were soft. The best Pfeffernusse west of the Rockies.

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