Trader Joe’s Petite Peas Reviews

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10 reviews for Trader Joe’s Petite Peas Reviews

  1. maureen webber

    I love these pea’s. Why are they no longer available? I will buy by the case

  2. C. Owen

    TJ’s recently stopped carrying the frozen Petite Peas they were getting from Italy, which were sweet and delicious and appeared to be true petite (early harvest) peas. The ones they are carrying now (Sept 2021) are NOT sweet nor do I think they are true “petite” peas, which are generally smaller in circumference because they are picked when very young. The ones you see in the photo above just say “Product of the USA.” I don’t recommend them.

  3. Serenity Guedel

    These are fine. They are sweeter, smaller, and far less starchy than the majority of frozen peas available on the market. If they’re not imported from Italy…so what? They’re great.

  4. J

    Please bring back the petite peas. Can’t get them at TJ’s in Maryland.

  5. Maya

    The *Italian* baby peas that TJ’s used to carry were a staple for me for years: sweet and tender, easy to digest, delicious on their own or with eggs, salmon, shrimp, etc. Their current replacement is nothing special: still better than WF’s inedible offering in this category, but neither particularly sweet nor tender. Not worth buying for me. Why, oh why, can’t we have our old peas back?!

  6. Cindy

    Yikes. These are nothing like the frozen petite peas TJ’s used to carry. Cooked a bag for Thanksgiving and they were hard as little pebbles. Hoping we just had an “off” bag, cooked another. Nope, awful tasting hard peas. We used to love TJ’s frozen petite peas, they were tender and sweet. Won’t be buying again, it’s like these went through a radioactive blast. Bag says product of Belgium.

  7. C. Owen

    Agree with Cindy. I think it’s kind of hit or miss with TJ’s Frozen Petite Peas anymore. I thought they were back on track, but the last package I bought about a month ago, the peas were hard and dried out. Now I’m having to pay a premium at the local grocery stores. I’d much rather be giving TJ’s my money! Hope they can work out an agreement with another supplier whose peas truly are “petite/early harvest.” I’m even okay with paying extra to get the tender, sweet petite peas TJ’s once carried.

  8. Sharon Hagstrom

    So agree with all the reviews and their disappointments of the new petite peas. Thought it was me so I cooked them every which way with no good results. I’d happily pay more to get those Italian peas back!

  9. Dan C

    Hard as a rock. Boiling them longer didn’t help. Don’t buy these.

  10. Jero Nesson

    Awful! I was a big fan of TJ’s frozen petite peas, but recently the peas (from France) were so dry, hard & tasteless that I wound up throwing out 2 packages.

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